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2003-2016 F250 & F350 BD Diesel Xtruded Transmission Oil Cooler (Without Fan)

Part Number:BD-1300611-HX
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Optimize Transmission Temperatures

Heat can be a major transmission killer so our friends over at BD Diesel designed this Transmission Oil Cooler to keep things cool during those times you're hauling extra heavy loads or putting extra stress on your engine when pushing it to the max on some extreme off-road trails. BD's Xtruded Transmission Oil Coolers feature high-energy Micro Energy bar technology that provides 22% more cooling over other designs on the market. With 200 Micro Extruded passages, this cooler provides a large surface area to transfer heat for external air flow cooling while its turbulent oil flow design promotes better overall cooling.

BD Diesel Innovation

BD Diesel designed their Xtruded Transmission Oil Cooler with large 5/8" ports that prevent inlet/outlet restriction and furnaced brazed rails that have been tested to 300 PSI of pressure. The thermostatically controlled 80-watt, 10-inch, 800 CFM electric fan offers ultimate automatic oil temperature control. With a power rating of 33,930 BTU/HR, this heavy duty transmission cooler is designed for an excess of 30,000 GVW.

Fan, wiring, brackets and hoses sold separately: This transmission cooler does not include a fan, hoses, brackets or wiring, which will need to be purchased separately for complete installation. For the complete kit, click here. For the unit alone with a fan, click here.

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