Now that you’ve thrown on a lift and some massive tires on your truck, it may be time to start looking at things that will keep that monster dependable for the long haul. One fairly overlooked part that helps with this is called a steering stabilizer. There are a lot of lift kits that include this particular part like the Zone Off-Road 4in Coil Spring Suspension Lift Kit and BDS lift kit like we put onto our 2017 6.7L project truck as seen below.

Stage 3's 2017 F250 6.7L Off-Roading

The Purpose of Steering Stabilizers

A steering stabilizer is something that mounts on the front of your truck and helps firm up your trucks steering on the road. Off-road it is going to help tremendously with rocky and really terrains. It also helps you out when you throw on some larger tires gain more control of your vehicle. There are two different types of steering stabilizers setups that you can choose from. The first type is a single stabilizer setup and the second type is a dual stabilizer setup. Steering Stabilizers primary function is to work in a similar way that shock absorbers do except with side to side movement. Shocks install and help dampen vertical movement, while stabilizers help dampen horizontal. One major thing they help decrease the chance of occurring is called "death wobble". Death wobble is when your truck violently shakes after hitting a bump or groove on the road while traveling at high speeds. From the outside, it sort of looks like what happens when you put a tire back on and do not properly take the time to tighten all the lug nuts. This is a frightening occurrence and could be disastrous if not kept under control. How a steering stabilizer helps with this is it absorbs the shock waves that are sent through the front axle, rather than having the axle fend for itself, resulting in a massive loss of control.

Single Stock-Replacement Steering Stabilizers

As previously mentioned, there are two different types of steering stabilizer kits. The first is a single stabilizer like the F250 & F350 Fox Performance Series ATS OE Steering Stabilizer for 2008-2016 Super Dutys. This particular stabilizer utilizes your factory steering linkage and directly replaces your steering stabilizer assembly. Other single stabilizers like the ICON 2.5 Series Centerline Steering Stabilizer Kit for 2005-2020 Super Dutys comes with a mounting mechanism that works with a locking rail type that is a heavy duty laser-cut steel differential bracket and a CNC machined billet aluminum tie rod clamp. A single stabilizer setup is perfect for a daily driver to get some more control on the roadways. The thing about this is, once you start to put on larger tires (like 37x12.50" or 37x13.50") or heavy duty accessories, a single stabilizer may not be enough to absorb all of the vibrations that will be sent into your vehicle. Here at Stage 3 we have single stabilizers from well respected manufacturers FOX, ICON, and Bilstein.

2008-2015 Super Duty ICON Steering Stabilizers

Dual Stabilizer Kits

Dual steering stabilizers like the F250 & F350 4WD BDS Fox 2.0 Dual Steering Stabilizer Kit for 2005-2016 Super Duty’s we have for sale mount along your front axle and includes two single steering stabilizers to provide greater control. Dual stabilizers come in handy when you put larger lifts or tires and heavy-duty front bumpers. One thing about dual stabilizers is they are specifically meant to be used for heavy duty use. Mainly on trucks that have tall lifts, large tires, snowplows, or heavy duty front bumpers that put a serious strain on your trucks turning capabilities. If you were to put on a dual that doesn’t have any of these options, you end up putting a ton of strain on your trucks power steering system which results in a lot of issues that could end up in costly repairs. On the positive side, the dual setup is specifically designed to be able to handle the larger amounts of vibrations so you can gain a lot more control. Another negative witht the dual kits is that nearly all of them require some sort of level or lift so they will not work with trucks that are stock height. Basically if you have large tires, high lifts, or heavy accessories we have awesome dual steering stabilizer setups from Rancho, Rough Country, Fab Tech, Zone, and ICON.

Steering stabilizers are an important upgrade that can really help out your truck. As far as which setup is better it really depends on your specific truck. If you have a setup that has huge tires with heavier accessories, then a dual steering stabilizer setup is absolutely perfect. If you have more of a street truck with stock tires and maybe a leveling kit that’s more meant for speed than off-roading, a single steering stabilizer will do more than what you need it for, which is nice.