These days, timing is everything. Why take all that extra time hauling cargo or your family’s camp trailer to stop to refuel all the time when you can ensure that you get even more time than ever before at your actual destination. Multiple stops to the fuel station can add all sorts of unnecessary time to your journey. Depending on the year of your Super Duty, your stock tank has a capacity of anywhere from 25 to 48 gallons. Here at Stage 3, we have tanks that will help your truck go further than before from S&B Tanks and Titan Tanks. When choosing a fuel tank be sure to take the time to review the fitment note located at the bottom of each listing. A lot of these only fit specific years, with specific beds, and even specific cabs in some cases.

2017-2020 F250 & F350 6.7L Long Bed Titan 65 Gallon Fuel Tank

Super Duty Fuel Tanks from S&B

First is S&B Tanks, on the website we have tanks like a 40 Gallon Tank that fits 2011-2016 6.7L Cab and Chassis trucks, a 56 gallon tank that fits short bed 2011-2016 6.7L powerstrokes, a 60 gallon tank that fits 2017-2020 6.7L Super Dutys, and a 70 gallon tank that fits long bed 2017-2020 diesel Super Dutys. One thing about S&B is their design that features a front cradle support built into the tank itself for easier install. What the cradle does is attach directly to the frame, holding up the front part of the tank. The cradle is better than the normal straps because it decreases the chance that a rock or some other debris can come up and rip off the strap resulting in a loss of a fuel tank. Built into each tank is also what they call anti-wave baffles that help compensate for the larger than average fuel capacity. Each tank is also designed to be able to contour around the driveshaft to make it easy for install. Except for the 40 gallon one that is specifically designed for trucks with cab and chassis, which sits directly at the very back of the frame behind the rear axle. S&B creates their tanks with polyethylene, which is the same material that is used as insulation for high voltage electrical cables. It is advertised to last longer because it won’t rust or corrode. It is also promoted to be more resilient and has a lot less issues than metal tanks. S&B also backs their tanks with a limited lifetime warranty

2017-2020 F250 & F350 6.7L 6.75ft Bed S&B Tanks 60 Gallon Replacement Tank

Super Duty Fuel Tanks from Titan

Second is Titan Tanks, currently on the website we have tanks like a 55 gallon tank for 2017-2020 6.7L Super Dutys, a 60 gallon tank that fits 2011-2016 6.7L Super Dutys, a 65 gallon tank that fits 1999-2007 long bed diesel Super Dutys, and a 67-gallon tank that also fits 1999-2007 long bed diesel Super Dutys. Titan's design is all about strength, starting with their military grade cross-linked polymer construction. The design of their tanks include walls that are at least a quarter inch thick so it can outmatch both steel and aluminum competitors. Titan pairs that strong construction with a black-coated, galvanized steel mounting strap, plated and galvanized front support system, rollover safety vent valve and accessories.The installation process is fairly easy when it comes to these as you can see from the video below. Best part is, Titan (like S&B) backs their tanks with a limited lifetime warranty for your peace of mind. It's important to note when upgrading your tank to one of these that takes the place of your stock fuel tank, you may need to purchase a special shield for each tank. Titan creates shields that are specifically meant for their tanks, they have ones that are for 2011-2016 6.7L Powerstrokes with short beds and long beds. The reason for the shield is because these tanks sit about one and three quarter inches below where the stock tank sat and therefore you will NOT be able to reuse your trucks stock fuel tank shield after installing these tanks.

Auxiliary Tanks From Titan

Obviously both of these brands create large capacity tanks that completely take the place of your Super Duty's stock tank. However, Titan Tanks also creates auxiliary tanks that either sit in the bed or even take the place of your trucks spare tire. The one that replaces your spare tire is the 2008-2016 F250 & F350 Diesel Titan Tanks 30 Gallon Spare Tire Auxiliary Fuel System (we also have one for 1999-2007 Powerstrokes as well). This product is actually an entire fuel system that includes a cab-mounted fuel transfer monitor and pump that allow you to transfer fuel at the specific time and rate that you need to keep your powerful Super Duty truck running a ton of extra miles from right in your cab just by pushing a button. Fuel transfer is controlled by a digital monitor and transfer module that are installed in your Super Duty's cab and allow for on-the-fly adjustments of fill rates.The monitor keeps track of your tank's fuel levels and has a one-touch button that starts fuel transfer from Titan's auxiliary tank to your Super Duty's primary tank. The transfer process will automatically end once the auxiliary tank is completely empty or if you press the button again to stop the process. The monitor, module, and pump system come with all their necessary wiring, brackets, and hardware. Titan created this particular tank to only work with 6.4L or 6.7L Powerstroke engines and Super Dutys with a class V hitch. The other auxiliary tank they offer sits in your bed and adds up to 90 gallons of fuel capacity. These L Shaped bed tanks come either by itself, or with a black or chrome toolbox. The toolbox sits atop the L shape designed tool box and is meant to provide a more creative way to save space and store all of your tools. The kit includes built-in tie-downs to ensure you never have to worry about the payload in the bed of your Super Duty moving around when you're hitting some bumps or taking some sudden turns as well. This tank is vented to handle pumping rates of up to 50 gallons per minute and is compatible with most bio-diesel and other fuels and liquids. Lastly, they also have 40 and 50 gallon auxiliary tanks that sit in your Super Duty's bed as well as you can see below.

Titan Travel Trekker 40 Gallon Auxiliary Diesel Fuel System

Note About Distance To Empty (DTE) For Non Auxiliary Replacement Tanks

After installing any of the mid-shipment replacement tanks above, it's important to reset your truck's distance to empty (DTE) calibration. In other words, When you upgrade your truck to a larger fuel tank, you will need to calibrate your fuel gauge properly to get an accurate read on DTE. This can be done using a program called FORScan and will require a compatible OBDII adapter that can read and send data via cable or Bluetooth back to your FORScan software, which can be downloaded via PC, laptop, or smart phone. Once you're set up, you can access the vehicle's computer system through the FORScan software and update your tank size to the new one installed. FORScan does offer a free trial version of the software, although you can pay the subscription fee for full access to the software. Getting the DTE reset is important because then you will have an accurate range of your new fuel tanks and limit the amount of confusion that can happen. If you get S&B's 70 gallon tank that fits 2017-2020 6.7L Super Dutys, then your distance to empty can go from 960 miles with a stock 48 gallon tank averaging 20 mpg without a trailer to about 1,400 after installing a 70 gallon tank still averaging 20 mpg. Be sure to take the time to reset the DTE as part of the installation process when installing any new tank you get. You'll thank us later.