When you pull up to the curb in your 2019-2020 Ford Ranger, there won't be much for your truck to stand out from the rest of the crowd. The grille's black design, "Ranger" lettering, and Ford badge look fine, but keeping it that way matches the sea of unmodified Rangers that roll out of the factory. If you plan on upgrading your Ranger like you should, then you might want to swap out that grille too for a more unique look. Take a look into our aftermarket grille options. With multiple brands and visual differences, there is a grille available for whatever your preference is.
Stage 3 Motorsports' white 2019 Ford Ranger Build with a Ranger Raptor Grille and covered in mud!

2019-2020 Ford Ranger AFN Grilles

The OEM grille is a little more cluttered than it needs to be. For a cleaner look, check out the 2019-2020 Ford Ranger AFN Replacement Grille. This grille uses a black finish and a hexagonal honeycomb pattern to make it pop on your truck's front end. Its lack of a factory badge additionally adds a more uniform, clean look compared to the original Ranger grille. Factory mounting points also allow for attaching the grille without any cutting. After installation, the grille will fit just as snugly as your factory grille did. The kit also gives the option of adding AFN LED Accent Lights to your kit. Three cutouts at the top of the grille allow for the light to shine through each opening. Whether you pick white or amber lighting, your Ranger is sure to shine.
Closeup of a black AFN Replacement Grille!

2019-2020 Ranger ZROADZ Grilles

Another grille with a very orderly, clean look is the 2019-2020 Ford Ranger ZROADZ Series Grille with 20" LED Light Bar. The Series Grille features a unique, laser-cut trapezoidal mesh pattern to stand out. A smooth black edge trim edge also looks nice next to the pattern. The grille also was 3D CAD designed and put through tough testing to ensure a perfect design. A precision TIG welded, tough steel plate construction ensures that your grille can hold up against abuse. What really makes this grille stand out is its inclusion of a 20" Spot/Flood Combo Beam LED Light Bar! The straight, single row light bar uses bright 600K colored CREE LEDs to light the way. A spot/flood combo beam also helps add deep and wide range for you to see while blazing across off-road trails. A heat dissipating die-cast aluminum housing ensures durability with a cool operation.
Closeup of a ZROADZ Series Grille with 20

19-20 Ford Ranger T-Rex Grilles

If you want something more complex than AFN or ZROADZ's minimalist approach and less boring than the factory grille, then one of T-Rex's grilles will serve you well. The four variations all feature different styles. All of the modern grilles feature a custom repeating honey comb pattern that is embossed on a laser cut one-piece construction. Precision TIG welding, laser cut materials, quality control, and meticulous assembly make these grille some of the finest around. Advanced 3D CAD supported engineering and design also gives the grille its ability to toughen up the Ranger's front end. On the edges of the grille, you can pick your preference of a smooth stainless steel trim or chrome studs against a black finish. You also get your pick of an "X-Metal" badge for uniqueness or a stock badge if you want to retain some of your Ford pride. The 2019-2020 Ford Ranger T-Rex Laser X Black Grille With Chrome Studs & X-Metal Badge swaps the stock badge and looks tough due to its chrome studded exterior. A 2019-2020 Ford Ranger T-Rex Laser X Black Grille With Stainless Steel Trim & X-Metal Badge also uniquely uses the X-Metal Badge, but the stainless steel trim adds some nice contrast to the outside of the grille. To keep your stock badge but add a stainless steel trim, you'd like the 2019-2020 Ford Ranger T-Rex Laser X Black Grille With Stainless Steel Trim & Stock Badge. Lastly, T-REX's unique pattern is paired with a more simplistic approach, complete black finish and a stock badge on the 2019-2020 Ford Ranger T-Rex Laser X Black Grille With Stock Badge. No matter which combination fits your style best, each T-Rex Grille does a much better job of complementing an aggressive Ranger build.
Four T-Rex Grilles with variants of stainless trims, chrome bolts, X-Metal badges, and stock badges!

19-20 Ranger Raptor Grilles

One of the coolest variants of Ford vehicles are the Raptor models with their nice black finish and "Ford" lettering across the middle. Unfortunately for Americans, in the Ranger's second year, there still isn't a Ranger Raptor model out on the market. Before you riot from envy because the international Ranger Raptor has long been available, there is an aftermarket solution to visually turn your stock Ranger into a Raptor clone. One of Stage 3's hottest Ranger products available is the 2019-2020 Ford Ranger Raptor Style Complete Grille Kit! This grille was designed to mimic the grille of a Raptor with its black finish and patterns in the proper places. Most importantly to capture that Raptor-look, optional "Ford" lettering can be added to the front of the application. The grille is made out of tough ABS plastic to hold up against any abuse that your truck's front end may encounter. An OEM-style finish also ensures a tight fit without any imperfections! All of us at Stage 3 loved this grille so much, that we decided to install it on our 2019 Ford Ranger Overland SEMA build! The grille has served us well and has been one of our favorite upgrades. In almost no time, you too could be rocking this grille on your Ranger! To see how simple the install is, check out our video below!

One of the Best Visual Changes for your Truck
Any upgraded Ranger needs some front-end affection. A new grille can quickly breathe some life into your Ranger. With so many options available, you can cherry-pick your truck's appearance and leave a lasting impression. Do you currently have a new grille installed on your Ranger? Which one is your favorite? We'd love to know!
Cutout of Stage 3 Motorsport's white 2019 Ford Ranger Build with a Ranger Raptor Style Grille!

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