Our 2019 Ford Ranger Project Truck just keeps getting better and better! One of our newest additions was some FactionFab 6x139.7mm 1.50" Forged Aluminum Wheel Spacers. We love how these spacers push the wheels out to give a wider stance and offer more disc break clearance for meaner tires and powerful suspension mods, as you can see in the images below. We recently took our Ranger out off-roading north of Phoenix, and our wheel spacers' tough forged aluminum construction handled the rocky terrain. While we're certainly pleased with how Faction Fab's product has modified our midsize truck, there are some some important factors you need to think about when it comes to wheel spacers.

2019 Ford Ranger Wheel Spacers!

Pro: Gives your Ranger a Meaner & Wider Stance

The Ranger is a sizeable truck, but its stock stance leaves something to be desired. The mild stance makes the truck look smaller than it actually is. You could just buy four new aftermarket wheels to correct this, but your bill could make you think twice. A wheel spacer is a great alternative to give your Ranger a look you're proud of! Once your spacer is installed to your hub, your wheels can come to the edge of your Ranger's body work. Your Ranger will look great with its wider stance and increased track width that accentuates its great factory looks!

2019 Ford Ranger Wheel Spacers!

Pro: Allows Clearance For Suspension Components

Without a wheel spacer, the space inside your wheel well could get too cramped with a large tire and certain suspension modifications. Installing wheel spacers gives you more options when it comes to aftermarket suspension parts while keeping your factory wheels. If you want to install a large tire onto your factory wheel, then your tire will probably rub against components like aftermarket upper control arms, the knuckles of full lift kits, and coilovers' remote reservoirs due to the stock wheel's large backspacing. The wheel spacer pushes your wheel out enough so that the tire can operate unobstructed from aftermarket suspension parts. Many aftermarket suspension parts require less backspacing than your stock wheels, and wheel spacers effectively delete backspacing to allow for the required clearance.

2019 Ford Ranger Wheel Spacers!

Con: Some Trimming May Be Required

Depending on how big of a tire you want to fit onto your Ranger, you might have to do a bit of trimming. We decided to put a 285/70R17 BFG KOs on our 17" wheel, which is large enough that trimming is required. To ensure that our tire had proper room to move around and not scrape against anything, we had to trim the crash bars in front of and behind the front wheel. Although cutting the crash bar isn't always necessary, we had to for our size of tire. The rear crash bar can be removed, but we only cut and ground the bar while still installed in the interest of time. With the front crash bar, you can remove the front bumper to take out the crash bar, but we found that this still left a sharp edge that could scrape or puncture our tires. Since it seemed like cutting and grinding would be needed even if the crash bar was just removed, we decided to cut and grind the front crash bar while still installed as well. Check out the images below of how we chose to cut our Ranger's crash bars.

Crash Bar Trimming!

Crash Bar Trimmed!

Con: Adds a Point of Failure

While the chances of one of our wheel spacers failing is pretty slim, you are throwing a kit on your truck involving an extra set of nuts, studs, and metal that all has the potential to have problems. This is because wheel spacers add a point of failure to your truck. If you often use your Ranger to tow heavy, then you might want to reconsider purchasing wheel spacers. It's also best steer clear of spacers if you frequently and aggressively drive your truck on treacherous off-road trails. If you're towing heavy on the regular or if you're really throwing your Ranger around off-road, you might just want to stick to installing bigger wheels for a meaner look.

2019 Ford Ranger Wheel Spacers!

Con: Illegal in Some States without Fender Flares

In some areas, it is illegal to have tires that extend past the edge of your fender. Depending on the tire size and the wheel spacer width you pick, this could present a problem if you live in or plan on traveling to a place that prohibits this. An easy workaround is to install fender flares onto your Ranger. With a fender flare, your tire should not extend past your fender and will be legal in every state. You can find numerous options right here at Stage 3.

2019 Ford Ranger Wheel Spacers!

Con: No-Name Brands Are a Bad Idea

Another important factor is getting a wheel spacer from a reputable brand. Extremely cheap, no-name brand wheel spacers are never worth any money you might save. While you could get lucky with decent eBay wheel spacers, you put yourself at risk for getting a questionably made product with weak material and low-quality studs. Saving a few bucks isn't worth having your tire fly off on the highway and threatening someone's life. When you get a spacer from a trusted brand like FactionFab, you know you are receiving a strong 6061 aluminum construction that has been tested for failure. The spacers include strong steel studs, flanges for hub and wheel bore, and tapered lug nuts for proper force distribution. At around $200, four high-quality, name brand wheel spacers are a more cost effective solution than four aftermarket wheels and safer than cheap eBay spacers.

2019 Ford Ranger Wheel Spacers!

Overall, wheels spacers may not be everyone's preference, but we sure are a fan of what they have done for our 2019 Ford Ranger. You just have to weigh the pros and cons and decide if it's best for you. We love the economical value of FactionFab's spacers, how it widened our stance, and its ability to fit larger tires onto our wheels. Our Ranger excelled on our recent off-road romp just outside of Phoenix. That being said, even we are planning on jumping up to a set of aftermarket wheels, both to get an even more aggressive look and because we're planning on pushing our 2019 Ranger to its limit off-pavement. You can check out all of our 2019 Ranger wheel spacers here and our selection of 2019 Ranger wheels and tires here.