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2003-2007 F250 & F350 6.0L Edge Stage 2 Performance Package (CTS2/Jammer/Dry Filter/Extended Cab Long Bed) 19126-D

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Powerful Intake, Tuner, and Exhaust System Combo Package

The 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel under the hood of your 2003-2007 F250 or F350 Super Duty is no slouch in the power department, but that doesn't mean it's without limitations. If you're the type who doesn't know the meaning of the word "stock," Edge's Stage 1 Performance Package offers absolutely blistering performance in a simple and intuitive package. The kit includes both the Edge Jammer Cold Air Intake and the CTS2 Evolution Tuner & Monitor, which paired together should deliver enough power for just about any application.

Edge Jammer Cold Air Intake

The mighty 6.0L Powerstroke loves to breathe, and any more air that it gets can lead to big-time horsepower, torque, throttle response, and fuel mileage gains. The Edge Jammer Cold Air Intake is much more efficient than your 6.0L Super Duty's stock cold air intake and allows your truck's turbocharger to bring in a larger volume of air at cooler temperatures, which allows for increases across-the-board in performance. The Edge Jammer Intake comes with everything you need to get it installed and running on your truck, and the whole kit drops in right in place of your Super Duty's stock intake as an easy bolt-on, making it simple to up the performance of your Super Duty truck.

Edge Jammer 4" Exhaust System

Edge's Jammer Exhaust Kit is the perfect way to open up your exhaust system with larger diameter tubing and reduce backpressure with smooth, mandrel-bent turns. This heavy-duty cat-back exhaust kit will help improve power, efficiency and support any future power mods you might have in mind. Edge builds their Jammer Exhaust Kit from 100% stainless steel mandrel-bent tubing for minimum backpressure, maximum outflow and long-term dependability. Stainless steel lasts longer and resists corrosion a whole lot better than aluminum, ensuring years and years of dependable performance. The 4" exhaust tubing is capped off with a single 5" chrome-rolled tip exiting out the side for a touch of eye-catching custom style. A large chamber muffler cuts out drone while cruising while still allowing for a nice low grumble from the outside.

Edge CTS2 Evolution Tuner & Monitor

Our friends over at Edge Products have been hard at work creating their next generation of monitoring device for your aggressive diesel-powered Ford Vehicle, and they've made massive improvements over the outgoing CS and CTS tuners with their awesome Edge CTS2 Tuner and Dashboard Monitor. This powerful device features a massive full-color touchscreen that can display a massive variety of vehicle information in almost any color or gauge setup that you want. The CTS2 provides all the information you need for your car or truck in several easy-to-read gauge configurations that also look awesome to help your vehicle's interior look like a high-tech war room of performance. On top of the classy and intuitive gauge configurations and schemes, the CTS2 comes jam-packed with powerful tuning that can greatly increase the horsepower, torque, and fuel economy of your vehicle of choice, all while improving throttle response and transmission function. Edge designed the CTS2 to be the last monitoring system that you'll ever need.

Low-Profile, Lightweight Design with Improved Utility

Edge CTS2 Tuner & Dashboard Monitor The Edge CTS2 Monitor and Tuner was designed from the ground up to have a low-profile and sleek design while maximizing the amount of screen that's visible from the driver's seat. The CTS2 features a 5" full-color touch screen, but is only around 1-1/2" thick and is extremely light and easy to maneuver on its included windshield suction cup mount. The CTS2 uses a single, high-speed HDMI connection for pulling data from your vehicle's OBD-II port, as well as for adding any of Edge's expandable accessories and sensors. The CTS2 comes standard with an A/V port that allows you to use most aftermarket backup camera systems with the device. The CTS2 has one of clearest and most concise menu systems on the market and has easy, one-touch navigation with a swipe feature that can get you to where you need to be in practically no time at all. The CTS2 is extremely easy to set up and get running. Just hook its cable into your OBD-II port, turn your ignition on, and off you go.
Edge CTS2 Tuner & Dashboard Monitor Edge CTS2 Tuner & Dashboard Monitor
Edge CTS2 Tuner & Dashboard Monitor Features

Powerful Tunes and Diagnostic Functionality

Edge CTS2 Tuner & Dashboard Monitor Kit Components While the device itself and its monitoring features are great, the performance tunes included on the CTS2 for your vehicle are the real benefits (for a complete listing of power level increases for the various Ford diesels, check out our handy chart below this section.) These tunes get your Ford diesel big time torque and horsepower gains while adjusting transmission functions and other parameters, so that your car or truck feels like a whole new machine. The tunes even have adjustable parameters that allow you to dial in your vehicle's tunes to get your engine running just how you need it. The CTS2 comes with several different tune options for your vehicle and allows you to change basics like tire size and gear ratio so that you can correct your speedometer. Along with the tuning, the CTS2 can also read and clear DTCs, making it an extremely handy tool for diagnosing issues with your vehicle before they become big problems. The CTS2 comes with as USB cable, allowing it to hook into your home PC to download firmware updates, custom backgrounds, and tune updates using Edge's included software.

Power Levels And Gains:2003-2007 6.0L Powerstroke
  • Level 1: 20 HP / 80 lbs/ft TQ
  • Level 2: 60 HP / 100 lbs/ft TQ
  • Level 3: 80 HP / 150 lbs/ft TQ
  • Level 4: 100 HP / 200 lbs/ft TQ

Edge CTS2 Monitor Edge CTS2 Monitor Edge CTS2 Monitor

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Average Rating Stage 3 Video Tag
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Average Rating Stage 3 Video Tag
Call now for Availability 623-434-5277 Free Shipping!
Average Rating
Ships From Manufacturer. Average Time To Ship Is 2-3 Business Days Free Shipping!

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