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Stage 3's F150 Custom Tuning from 5-Star

Welcome to Stage 3's F150 Custom Tuning from 5-Star Tuning

You're probably here because you're interested in taking the plunge into getting more horsepower, torque, and drivability for your F150 by grabbing some custom tunes from 5-Star tuning from us here at Stage 3 Motorsports. Stage 3 and 5-Star have partnered up to give you the best of both worlds when it comes to tuning your F150 truck: excellent customer service and technical support, as well as reliable and extremely potent custom tunes that will make your F150 feel like a whole new vehicle. We here at Stage 3 will always have both you and your truck's back, and 5-Star's custom tuning offers safe, reliable performance in a cost-effective package. We've even teamed up to give you and your truck free tunes for life on parts you purchase from Stage 3 Motorsports, as well as optional Powertrain Warranties that keep you covered if your dealership refuses to do warranty work because of your tunes. Between 5-Star and Stage 3, there are dozens of employees with decades of combined tuning experience ready to help you make your truck perform at its very best. However, there is a process involved and information you need to know in order to get your tunes.

Stage 3's Custom Tuning Information Form
Use this form if you've just purchased a tuning device with 5-Star's custom tunes for the first time. Only fill it out if you've received your tuner!
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Stage 3's Lifetime Tunes Program
One thing that we don't want to do is charge you for a new tune when you add a part to your truck. That's why we offer free tunes for life!
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SCT X4 Custom Tuning Guide and Troubleshooting
Get a start on your 5-Star Custom tunes by learning how to use an SCT X4 Tuner and some of the problems that occur with this device!
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SCT Livewire TS Tuning Guide and Troubleshooting
SCT's Livewire TS is an excellent monitor and tuner. You can learn about some of its features and get troubleshooting tips before you buy!
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5-Star's Custom Tune Breakdown
5-Star offers several different tune styles for each F150 model year and engine option. Find out which ones will work best for your truck!
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Stage 3's Custom Tuning Process
Find out how we get your choice of 5-Star tunes in your hands so that you can upload them to your truck for awesome power and drivability!
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Stage 3's Aftermarket Powertrain Warranty
Worried about losing your factory warranty because of tuning? Our optional aftermarket powertrain warranties are here to help!
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Stage 3's Loyalty Tune Re-Tune Form
Use this form if you already have 5-Star Tuning, and you've just purchased parts from Stage 3 that require a recalibration or new tuning.
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