2009-2020 F150 Halo Lifts 2" to 2.5" Rear Block Kit F1RBK

2009-2020 F150 Halo Lifts 2' to 2.5' Rear Block Kit
2009-2020 F150 Halo Lifts 2' to 2.5' Rear Block Kit
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  • High-quality block kit with choice of height
  • Options for 2", 2.25", or 2.50" rear blocks
  • Adds rear height for fine-tuning stance
  • Helps add back rake for towing
  • Comes with new U-bolts and nuts

Halo Lifts Rear Blocks in your Choice of Size

Getting your F150's stance tuned just to your liking can be a bit hit-or-miss, given how much certain spacer or coilover kits lift your front end. If you just want a smidge of extra ride height for your F150's rear end to try to get a perfectly leveled stance or to help you tow, then this rear block kit from Halo Lifts is the way to go. The kit gives you options for 2", 2.25" and 2.5" rear blocks which provide very slight gains in rear lift to help adjust for front leveling kits that may have given your 2009-2020 F150 a little too much height on its front end. The Halo Lifts F150 rear block easily installs in place of your factory rear blocks and comes with new U-bolts and U-bolt nuts.

Billet Aluminum Lift Blocks with Grade 8 U-Bolts and Nuts

F150lift's blocks are all under 3", which makes them perfect for small adjustments to rear height and helps keep drivability issues to an absolute minimum. The blocks are each manufactured out of CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum which gives them excellent strength and corrosion resistance. The blocks drop right into place of your F150's factory rear blocks and come standard with 1/2" diameter, grade 8 U-bolts that hold them in place even in extremely powerful F150s throwing down a ton of extra horsepower and torque.

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