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2012-2017 F150 & Raptor FactionFab F-Spec Rear Brake Pads (Manual Parking Brake Only)

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Part#: FFA1.10164.1
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California Prop. 65 Warning
  • More stopping power and less fade over stock
  • Heat-resistant compound
  • Carefully machined backing plates with shims
  • Drop-in replacements for stock

Reduced Fade and Improved Stopping Power

The factory brake pads on your 2012-2017 F150 or Raptor do their jobs fine during normal street driving, but once you start towing or driving aggressively off or on-road you'll start seeing their fade and brake dust generation. FactionFab's F-Spec brake pads offer improved stopping power, less fade, and increased consistency over the stock pads with less dust generation. The FactionFab F-Spec brake pads are designed from the ground up to resist heat build up caused by heavy braking during towing and aggressive driving on and off the pavement. The F-Spec pads help improve the overall performance of your F150's or Raptor's front brakes without breaking your bank.

High-Heat Pad Compound with Precision Machined Backing Plates

The F-Spec Pads feature a specialized pad compound built into a complete brake pad that fits perfectly into your F150's or Raptor stock brake calipers. Each pad is built around a Para-Aramid based friction compound that has a much higher maximum operating temperatures than standard metallic or semi-metallic OEM or OES brake pads. The compound generates excellent bite and improved modulation with slightly less dust than standard metallic pads. The friction compound is positvely-molded and features chamfered edges to ensure smooth engagement and disengagement with your rotors. Each bad is also pre-scorched for improved cold-weather braking. The backing plates of each pad are precision-machined and FactionFab includes anti-rattle shims to ensure quiet operation. FactionFab's F-Spec pads drop right into place of stock and come with new clips.

  • 2012-2017 F150
  • 2012-2014 SVT Raptor
  • 2017 Ford Raptor

Manual Parking Brake Only: this kit only fits 2015-2017 F150s with manual parking brakes and will not fit F150s with electronic parking brakes. A version for F150s with electronic parking brakes is also available.

Break-in Procedure: to ensure maximum performance and quietest operation, please be sure to follow FactionFab's break-in procedure after installation.

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