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CrystaLux G11 Series H7 LED Conversion Kit HGL3-G11-H7

**DISCONTINUED**CrystaLux G11 Series H7 LED Conversion Kit
**DISCONTINUED**CrystaLux G11 Series H7 LED Conversion Kit
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  • Excellent light output with a tight beam patter
  • Produces up to 1740 lux at 20ft
  • 6000K color temperature
  • Double-sided copper PCB for maximum heat transfer
  • Ultra-reliable dual ball bearing fan
  • Adjustable bulb collar
  • Includes drivers and connectors

Powerful, Bright Beam Pattern with Excellent Reliability and Fitment

The 4x4TruckLEDs CrystaLux Series of LED conversion kits have lead the way in the LED conversion kit market by offering excellent output, sharp beam pattern, and compact designs and their G11 series takes all of those philosophies to the next level. The CrystaLux G11 H7 LED conversion kit comes with powerful and compact bulb assemblies with integrated fans along with ultra-small drivers that allow them to fit into many aftermarket headlight housings. The G11 series throws out an impressive amount of light, and are capable of throwing out an impressive 1,740 lux at 20 feet in a tight, focused beam pattern that works with the optics of your headlights of choice to create a bright, usable light that's better in every way than your headlight's standard H7 halogen bulbs. The G11 series generates a bright white 6000K color temperature that provides a more classy and modern look than yellowish halogens.

Compact Bulb Design with Excellent Heat Mitigation and Reliable Fan

The CrystaLux G11 series H7 LED Kit features an advanced and reliable construction that's packed into a compact design so that you get powerful and reliable LED performance. Each G11 H7 bulb assembly features three LatticeBright HGL3 LED chips per side, whose compact design helps make the bulb assembly not much larger than a standard H7 halogen bulb. The HGL3 chips produce a focused light pattern with a uniform 6000K color temperature that works with your headlight's own optics to produce a much more useful and powerful beam pattern than your headlight's stock halogen lights. Each G11 light features a double-sided copper PCB that runs heat out of the bulb assembly down to the light's built-in fan. The fan itself features a double ball bearing design that gives it excellent reliability and wear resistance. The G11 series even features an adjustable mounting ring that allows you to fine-tune the bulb orientation to generate the most effective beam pattern with your headlights of choice. Each set of G11 H7 LEDs comes with drivers, connectors, and installation instructions.

CANBUS Harness: an optional CANBUS harness that prevents flicker on vehicles that pulse the headlight circuit to check for burned out bulbs. Please select your CANBUS resistor harness option from our drop-down menu.

For H7 Bulbs Only: this LED conversion kit can only be used to replace H7 halogen bulbs, and will not fit the factory headlights of 1997-2018 F150s or 1999-2018 Super Dutys.

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