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Diode Dynamics 35-Watt H1 HID Conversion Kit HIDKITH1

Diode Dynamics 35-Watt H1 HID Conversion Kit
Diode Dynamics 35-Watt H1 HID Conversion Kit
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Complete H1 HID Conversion Kit with your Choice of Color Temperature

The standard halogen H1 bulbs that come standard in most headlights (especially aftermarket headlights), just don't cut it for a lot of folks, and to take full advantage of your headlights, you're going to need to kick up lighting power in a big way. Diode Dynamic's H1 HID Conversion Kit does just that, and features everything you need to add a powerful 35-watt HID system to your vehicle or aftermarket projector headlights of choice. Diode builds their conversion kits around a pair of high-quality HYLUX 2A88 Slim Ballasts that feature a highly specialized controller chip CANBUS Module built into a waterproof and shock proof case that makes them extremely reliable. The ballasts are combined with a set of high-quality H1 HID bulbs that come in your choice of 3000K, 4300K, 5000K, 6000K, and 8000K color temperatures so that you get the perfect look for you vehicle of choice.

35-Watt Digital Slim Ballasts with CANBUS Module and High-Quality H1 Bulbs

Diode Dynamic's HID Conversion Kits are all carefully designed to maximize reliability while providing your vehicle or aftermarket lights extremely bright light outputs for just about any occasion. The HYLUX 2A88 Slim Ballasts have a digital design with an advanced Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) that provides excellent efficiency, fast warm-up, and stable operation in nearly any vehicle or aftermarket projector headlight. Instead of standard capacitors or more simplistic warning cancellers, the ballasts each have a complete CANBUS module that smooths out PWM signals up to 100hz to ensure flicker-free operation. The bulbs included in this kit are H1 replacements with a specialized ceramic base that provides protection from heat. The bulbs can operate across a huge temperature range and have a rated operational lifespan of 2000 hours. Bulb color temperature options are available from our drop-down menu above.

Optional Waterproof Relay: Diode's HID kit comes with the option for a water-proof relay which ties the ballast power directly to your battery instead of the body harness, which can aid in warm-up, further prevent flickering, and improve general kit reliability. The relay may be required for some vehicles.

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