Getting improved handling and off-road performance for your F150 is never a bad thing, but it's even sweeter when you can save some serious cash. Our friends over at Halo Lifts are offering 10% off all of their coilovers, shocks, blocks, and packages from now until August 31st! Save yourself some serious cash while giving your 2009-2019 F150 a nice suspension overhaul that will make your aggressive F150 build feel like new. Halo Lift's rear shocks tame your F150's jumpy rear end while being able to handle up to 2" of rear lift. Halo Lift's coilovers greatly reduce body roll and handle those off-road trails better than the stock coilover assemblies while adding up to 3" of leveling to your truck. Round out your build with a set of Halo Lifts rear blocks to even out your front lift or win back some rake for towing. You can even get a little bit of everything with one of Halo Lift's Ultimate Kits. Halo Lift's suspension parts have ended up on several of our project trucks and saw thick and thin in our service without issues. In any case, you can save some serious cash on Halo Lifts until summer ends.

Halo Lifts 10% Off Summer Sale!


Erik Fagan

Date 7/28/2019


Shane Kaufman

Date 7/31/2019


Matthew Lewis

Date 8/3/2019


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