The factory downpipes and catalytic converters of the 2011-2018 F150 and Raptor EcoBoosts are pretty restrictive and don't allow your EcoBoost V6 to make power that's easily in its reach. While there's plenty of downpipe options available, SPD's Downpipes combine a quality construction with fairly low costs with options for both 48-State Legal and Off-Road Downpipes. All of SPD's downpipes use 3" diameter, mandrel-bent tubing that helps improve outflow, and are fitted with either 48-state legal cats or cat deletes. Despite being street-legal, SPD's 48-state catalytic converters outflow the factory converters to help you gain some extra horsepower and torque in an EPA-approved package. The downpipes are made out of aluminized steel that then gets a gray VHT ceramic coating that gives them impressive corrosion resistance without the high costs of 409 or 304 stainless steel. Check below for a full list of SPD F150 EcoBoost downpipes now at Stage 3.

SPD EcoBoost Downpipes: