No matter what you use your 2016-2020 Tacoma for you want to protect your truck and look good doing it. Addictive Desert Designs makes some of the coolest, toughest and most stylish bumpers on the market and we now offer their newest bumpers; the Stealth Fighter Bumpers. These bumpers are super aggressive looking and will give your truck a look that stands out from the crowd. The durable black powder coat finish not only looks impressive but provides the bumper with resistance to the elements no matter where you might end up. The front bumper offers mounting capabilities for a 30" radius light bar and 3" cube lights on each side. Besides the lighting options, the front bumper is also winch compatible, giving your Tacoma additional utility. The rear bumper also houses lighting mounts for dual 3" cube lights, providing even more off-road lighting for your nighttime adventures. Give your Tacoma an ultra-sleek, aggressive, murdered out look with the ADD Stealth Fighter Bumpers available now from Stage 3!

Toyota Tacoma ADD Stealth Fighter Bumpers

2016-2020 Toyota Tacoma ADD Stealth Fighter Bumpers