A few months ago, we introduced the 2019 Ford Ranger Stealth Fighter Front Bumper from our friends at Addictive Desert Design. The black and sleek bumper impressed the truck community with its Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk stealth attack fighter inspired design. While previous iterations of this bumper featured cool features like universal light bar mounts, cube light mounts, clevis mounts and parking sensor cutouts, a new version of the Stealth Fighter combines all these things with a new element. ADD now has a Ranger Stealth Fighter Front Bumper with a winch mount for off-road recoveries! It helps to have a winch mounted on your bumper for peace-of-mind when driving on treacherous trails, and now you can have this luxury with the Stealth Fighter bumper! An optional add-on is a Warn 8K or 10K winch, which add so much versatility to your bumper. Check out the new Stealth Fighter Front Bumper w/ sensor cutouts and Stealth Fighter Front Bumper w/o sensor cutouts right here! Is your Ranger beefed up with lots of aftermarket parts yet? If you still are looking to make your Ranger the best on the block or keep it that way, return to our blog for more new parts!
2019 Ford Ranger ADD Stealth Fighter Front Bumpers w/ Winch Mounts!

2019 Ford Ranger Front Bumpers