Stock paper air filters need to be a thing of the past due to their poor lifespan and the frequent cost of replacing one. Thankfully, there are aftermarket, reusable air filters that improve the performance of the 2019 Ford Ranger. A great addition to our growing catalogue is the 2019 Ford Ranger Airaid Drop-in Replacement Air Filter, which has better filtration and is less restrictive than its stock counterpart. Because of this design, your Ranger will enjoy boosts in horsepower and acceleration when cruising down the road. With a reusable and washable filter, you won't miss having to buy a new paper one all the time. The part's multiple layered, cotton gauze, non-woven synthetic, and red oiled filter media excels and you can trust the quality components Airaid used.
2019 Ford Ranger Airaid Drop-in Replacement Air Filter!

2019 Ford Ranger Air Filter Replacement

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