If you raise the front of your 2019 Ford Ranger, then you don't want the rear of your truck to slouch lower than its front end. This just looks silly and isn't a good idea if you plan on using your vehicle for towing. To fix this, look no further than Auto Spring's 2019 Ranger Rear Add-a-Leaf Kit for 2WD or 4WD 2019 Ford Rangers. Not only will it raise your Ranger 1.5" to 2", but it will also allow you to fit larger tires, up to a hefty 33". This add-a-leaf kit also gives you the astonishing amount of extra carrying capacity of 750 lbs. With a durable 5160 tapered carbon spring steel, these leveling parts will maintain its quality for a long time. Teflon inserts are also added onto the ends for better ride quality and to stop friction from the metal rubbing together. Extended length shocks or longer u-bolts are not required for this kit. Make your Ranger more capable of holding its load and have a leveled stance with this add-a-leaf kit! Ranger parts are added almost daily to our website, so stay glued to our blog for updates on our catalog!
2019 Ford Ranger Auto Spring Rear Add-a-Leaf Kit!

2019 Ford Ranger Rear Add-a-Leaf