Any truck owner desires to give their vehicle sound and performance upgrades for the best possible build. The 2019 Ford Ranger sounds alright and performs nicely with stock components, but why not upgrade your midsize truck's 2.3L Ecoboost engine? Borla has some Cat-Back Exhaust Systems with S-Type sound. You'll get a throaty roar as you race down the road with practically no drone for your comfort! You additionally get improved horsepower and torque out of your engine for an experience you wouldn't expect out of an Ecoboost! You have options with a single or dual tipped exhaust, complete with a polished stainless steel or chrome black finish. Check out the new products below to learn more! While these exhaust systems are not available yet, if you pre-order soon, you will be one of the first to receive this great product!
2019 Ford Ranger Borla Cat-Back Exhaust Systems Available for Pre-Order!

2019 Ford Ranger Borla Cat-Back Exhausts