If you're bringing along items of great value or firearms in your 2019 Ford Ranger's cab, you probably feel uneasy every time you leave your truck in a shady parking lot. Give yourself peace of mind and proven security with a Console Vault safe, built specifically for the Ranger. Some may have noticed when we added the Console Vault Front Console Gun Safe to our catalog, but now we have another option from Console Vault. Our next product is the Console Vault Rear Seat Gun Safe which fits in the cubby below your Ranger's rear seats. Made with heavy gauge cold rolled plate steel, this safe is practically impenetrable. Its lock also features toughness with its drill-resistant design. Like its front console counterpart, this gun safe also features three lock type variants. You can use a traditional key to unlock your safe, or use a 3-digit or 4-digit keyless combination. The 4-digit code will cost extra though, but offers the most security out of the three options. This new option for the Ranger is exciting, and we assure you much more is coming to to our website!
2019 Ford Ranger Console Vault Rear Seat Gun Safe!

2019 Ford Ranger Gun Safe