The 2019 Ford Ranger has some comfortable seats, but they are a bit plain looking and vulnerable to damage. If you frequently bring your children, Fido or tools into the cab of your Ranger, then you probably want something to cover your seats and keep them pristine. If you still need seat covers for your truck, or are planning ahead to put some on a new 2020 model of Ranger, CoverKing is one of the biggest sources. We have added numerous eye-catching pattern schemes for front and rear tactical style seat covers. With colors ranging from solid cashmere to a blue camouflage scheme, you'll be able to pick a seat cover that fits your style. You'll be sure to have one of the most stylish trucks out on the road! These covers also use Denier Cordura ballistic fabric to withstand abrasions. Fido's claws or tools won't cut through your cover and get to your stock seats. The seat covers are also UV treated to fight rotting, mildew or stains from ruining your cover. What really sets these apart from competing brands is its tactical style, which gives your truck the feel of a military or police vehicle. Its camouflage styling and integrated MOLLE storage system take the seat to the next level. The MOLLE system attaches to the back of your seats and comes with six storage accessories to carry important gear. You'll be hard pressed to find a more durable, stylish and versatile cover for your 2019-2020 Ford Ranger's seats!
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2019 Ford Ranger CoverKing Front Seat Covers!

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