While the stock 2019 Ford Ranger can handle some mild off-road trails, you'll want to make some modifications to ensure it can handle more aggressive trails. While numerous types of parts help your Ranger accomplish this, rear shocks are an important component to your aftermarket build. Many rear shocks for the Ranger have been available, but we're especially excited about Fox's Factory Race 2.5 Series Adjustable Remote Reservoir Rear Shocks! With a race-style design that has been tested to push the boundaries by athletes, the shocks will deliver great handling and a quality ride on any terrain! The package includes two rear shocks can handle up to 0-1.5" of rear lift for all your off-road needs. The shocks also provide 9.545" of travel, 15.49" of compressed and 25.03" of extended. The top and bottom mount both use an eyelet design. The design uses a 2.5" diameter CNC machined 6061-T6 anodized aluminum body with hard-anodized body plating for long-term durability. The shock's components also uses this same construction for strength. Its 7/8" hard chrome plated alloy steel shaft additionally protects your investment. More performance upgrades are achieved through the shock's high-flow piston, application specific valving, external reservoir and JM92 Advanced Suspension Fluid. Before your next off-road excursion, switch to Fox Factory Race 2.5 Series Adjustable Remote Reservoir Rear Shocks and you'll immediately notice the difference in your Ranger!
2019 Ford Ranger Fox Factory Race 2.5 Adjustable Reservoir Rear Shocks!

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