Serious off-road 2019 Ford Ranger drivers know the importance of having big tires on treacherous off-road trails. However, because of the large size and position of factory intrusion beams in your fenderwells, you are limited with how big of tires you can fit onto your Ranger's wheels. You want to avoid rubbing and potential damage while driving, so big tires and factory intrusion beams just won't work. However, cutting or removing these beams is not the safest solution since it can affect your front collision safety impact feature if you get in a crash. BDS and Fabtech offer aftermarket alternatives to keep your Ranger safer and fit up to 33" tires. Replacement intrusion beams use a low-profile design for much-needed tire space. A welded box design also ensures durability against any off-grid obstacles on the trail. However, installation of these beams will require some bumper disassembly as well as additional cutting and drilling. The perks of these kits are worth it for any Ranger owner and you can get it today from Stage 3 Motorsports!
2019 Ford Ranger Intrusion Beams

2019 Ford Ranger Fabtech Intrusion Beams

2019 Ford Ranger BDS Intrusion Beams

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