Another day, and another new leveling kit for the 2019 Ford Ranger 4WD. Since fixing the suspension and smallish rake is one of the most important priorities for off-road truck owners, it helps to have a wide assortment of parts to choose from. All of us at Stage 3 Motorsports are psyched about what our friends at KING have in store for us. With unparalleled quality, you'll get the lift and height handling that you need out of aftermarket suspension parts to conquer the great outdoors. We have numerous options for you to pick the King package perfect for your leveling needs. For front coilovers, you can find 2.5" diameter coilovers that come in four options: standard, adjustable, extended travel and adjustable extended travel. The adjustable variant features an easy-to-use knob located on the reservoir that allows you to tune the flow of oil going to and from the reservoir to change compression firmer or softer. The extended travel coilover gives you 3" more wheel travel over stock, .5" more than the standard King kit, and requires fitment with aftermarket upper control arms. All versions of the coilover lifts your Ranger 3", improves rebound, betters compression, and greatly reduces fade over the stock struts. For the 2.5 Piggyback rear shocks, you can acquire a standard or adjustable style to handle up to 2" of ride height over stock. Like the front option, the adjustable shock allows you to tinker with the compression for tuning your ride. Both shocks use high-quality aluminum with an anodized finish and feature high-strength rod ends with spherical bearings that help minimize deflection. If you would like to acquire these parts in a complete package, then four kits are also available. Since the extended travel coilovers require aftermarket UCA's, the extended travel complete kits come with ICON's CNC Tubular Steel UCA's to propel your Ranger to new heights! Browse our new parts now and stay tuned for more Ranger upgrades!
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