When you're out on a lengthy off-road trip in your 2019 Ford Ranger, sometimes the nearest motel is too far away, and honestly isn't money you need to spend. An alternative could be bringing your tent, but premium selections can also be pricey and can be time consuming to set-up, especially when you're already tired from driving. Pittman offers a great alternative with their Airbedz Backseat & Bed Air Mattresses! It is a quick and cheap alternative to getting a motel or setting up a tent! There are multiple kinds that are molded to fit the entirety of your 5' or 6' truck bed with wheel well cutouts. The 5' beds also include tailgate extension mattresses to give you even more space. The backseat mattress fills your backseat and even fills the foot-well for extra room and comfort. All mattresses include electric pumps and some even come with portable, rechargeable batteries. These mattresses are all you'll need on your next overnight excursion and can be found in our 2019 Ford Ranger Air Mattresses & Chairs section. This latest crop of 2019 Ford Ranger parts are perfect for road trips, but if you're looking for something else, then stay tuned for more soon!
2019 Ford Ranger Pittman Airbedz Backseat & Bed Mattresses!

2019 Ford Ranger Air Mattresses