The 2019 Ford Ranger is not everyone's truck of choice due to its short stance. Intense off-road trails demand more clearance for safe travel. The vehicle height could sag due to a heavy front bumper, winch, or snow plows. Others may simply have beef with the Ranger's small, stock wheels and tires. If you want your Ranger to perform better and look meaner, then Stage 3 Motorsports is the place for you. While we have a large arsenal of leveling kits to choose from, fans of SuperLift suspension upgrades will love the new 2" Front Strut Spacer Leveling Kit. Each corrosion-resistant spacer easily bolts-on the top of your truck's front struts without strut disassembly or a strut compressor. If you want to keep your factory upper control arms, these spacers are compatible with them. All hardware needed is included in this package for your convenience. Once installed, the 2" of leveling allows for larger wheels/tires and makes dangerous off-grid trails easier to navigate. You will not see a significant drop-off from factory ride quality. Now that we have your attention, place your order today to make your 2019 Ford Ranger an off-road beast!
2019 Ford Ranger SuperLift 2

2019 Ford Ranger Front Strut Spacer Leveling Kit