The front end of the stock 2019 Ford Ranger could look meaner and perform better off-road. With the addition of an aftermarket bumper, you'll reap so many benefits both visually and physically. If you don't have one yet, then take a look at Westin's Pro-Mod Front Bumper! Its textured black powder coated modular design looks big and mean on your Ranger's front side! Its high and tight design not only turns heads, but also drastically improves your off-road travels. A 10 gauge steel construction and a bolt on skid plate ensure that your front will be protected from any debris that your midsize truck encounters on dirt trails! Outrigger brackets are also included to add strength to the bumper's wings. The design's better ground clearance and angle of approach additionally helps avoid obstacles. To further ensure your safety, provisions are required for your factory sensors to remain operable. So your Ranger can operate coolly and efficiently, a conveniently placed mesh screen increases air flow to your intercooler and radiator. Other sections of the screen on the wings can be removed and fitted with round or square lights. If you spend a lot of time in the mud with your Ranger, then you'll also love its compatibility with factory tow hooks to perform off-road recoveries. Let Stage 3 Motorsports and Westin improve your Ranger today!
2019 Ford Ranger Westin Front Bumper!

2019 Ford Ranger Westin Front Bumper