There are a few situations where it helps to have a boost into your 2019 Ford Ranger. When you add a lift kit to your midsize truck, its not as easy to get into anymore, especially if your hands are full. Also, if the weather is bad, you probably are going to track water, snow or debris into your cab. If you want to correct these issues and also add a fierce look to your Ranger, then Westin has the answer with their new running boards! These bars fit tightly and firmly onto your Ranger SuperCrew or SuperCab for a sweet look. With a textured surface and the inclusion of drop steps on some designs, you'll have the room and grip needed to get into your cab safely. The boards' serrated edges also allow you to scrape any undesired muck off your boots before entering the cab. A steel, one-piece construction ensures that your boards will be protected from any debris that gets kicked up when racing along off-road trails! Complete with a sleek textured black powdercoat, your boards will resist the sun's UV rays in order to look great for a long time! Browse our new products and improve your Ranger build with an easy purchase!
2019 Ford Ranger Westin Running Boards!

2019 Ford Ranger Westin Running Boards