Have you gotten to the point where the 2019 Ford Ranger's performance is becoming ordinary and unexciting? We've said it time and time again, but dropping in an air filter replacement can be the key to get impressive power upgrades out of your midsize truck. aFe now has two new options to transform your Ranger into a mighty force on the road. The 2019 Ranger 2.3L EcoBoost aFe Magnum FLOW Pro 5R Air Filter and the 2019 Ranger 2.3L EcoBoost aFe Magnum FLOW Pro DRY S Air Filter offers up to 46% more flow than stock air filters. One filter uses a wet five layered media while the other uses a dry three layered media, but either will be beneficial. The filters use a strong polyurethane frame to withstand the heat in the engine bay and to last a long time. The Pro 5R is optimal for both street and track use, while aFe only recommends the Dry S for street use. It also is important to know that both filters do not require a CARB EO# for emissions testing. This is an effective upgrade for the Ranger and many more will be on their way to our website!
2019 Ford Ranger aFe Drop-In Replacement Air Filter Now Available!

2019 Ford Ranger Air Filter Replacement