The first wave of 2019-2020 Ford Ranger Undercover products added great tonneau covers to keep your cargo secure and hidden! If you haven't found the right cover for you yet, then consider Undercover's newest set of Ranger tonneaus, the Lux series and the SE series! These aftermarket parts are made to last with their scratch-resistant ABS thermoplastic material and provide additional safety when hauling gear in your truck's bed. Patented X-Effect construction offers more protection from the sun and scuffs. Aewerodynamic lines also make the cover look modern and stylish on the back of your Ranger. Both additionally use a single point locking system to keep your cargo safe from prying hands. There are many options for 5ft bed tonneau covers and 6ft bed tonneau covers that come in one-piece designs. The Lux Tonneau Cover features seven factory finishes to match your Ranger's finish, ranging from Hot Pepper Red to Oxford White. The SE comes in either a tough textured black finish or a smooth unfinished surface ready for a coat to match your truck. No matter which tonneau you pick, you can ride around in town in style and not worry about whatever you're hauling!
More 2019-2020 Ford Ranger Undercover Tonneau Covers!

2019 Ford Ranger Lux Tonneau Covers

2019 Ford Ranger SE Tonneau Covers

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