Rigid Industries' off-road fog lights have been powering F150, Super Duty, and Ranger builds through the darkest trails for many years, and now the legendary lighting brand is introducing a new and exciting line of products under the D, D-XL, and SR-Series fog light umbrella. The Selective Yellow fog lights are SAE and DOT compliant for 100% street legal use, but that's not what makes these purpose-built fog lights unique. The yellow lenses featured on these lights reduce glare and enhance clarity in adverse conditions like dust, fog, rain, and snow, allowing you to continue your off-road romp through bad weather relatively unhindered. Click on the picture down below for a comparison shot that really highlights what Rigid's Selective Yellow lights are capable of.

New Rigid SAE/DOT Compliant Selective Yellow Fog Light Kits

Rigid Industries Selective Yellow compared to standard white