While the factory tie rods on the F150s and Raptors aren't made out of sticks and dust like some trucks out on the road, frequent and/or pretty aggressive off-roading can easily start to wear on them and lead to failures of either the tie rod itself or its ball joint. Luckily, our new friends over at RPG Off-Road have both 2009-2019 F150 High-Strength Tie Rods and 2010-2019 Raptor High-Strength Tie Rods that can handle whatever you throw at them. RPG offers up some of the most awesome off-road suspension parts on the planet for the F150s and Raptors, and their Tie Rods were designed and built from the ground up take the hits and violent articulation that could leave your stock tie rods in ruin. Each RPG F150 or Raptor Tie Rod features a hexagonal body and uses 17-4 stainless steel pins instead of standard chromoly steel alloys to maximize strength and corrosion resistance. The F150 Tie Rods are even designed to be stock lengths so that you don't have to do a full Raptor swap on your truck. Each set of tie rods is available in a couple of different finishes so that you can match your truck's styling theme or add a unique look all its own.

RPG F150 & Raptor Tie Rods

RPG F150 & Raptor Tie Rods at Stage 3: