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2005-2016 F250 & F350 Diesel 4WD ICON 2.5" Stage 4 Lift Kit K62503

2005-2016 F250 & F350 Diesel 4WD ICON 2.5
2005-2016 F250 & F350 Diesel 4WD ICON 2.5' Stage 4 Lift Kit
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Complete ICON Super Duty 2.5" Leveling Suspension System

ICON Vehicle Dynamics delivers some of the highest quality suspension systems you can find for your Super Duty truck, and this Stage 4 2.5" Suspension Package delivers a powerful package for both the daily driver and weekend warrior. While ICON's Super Duty 2.5" Stage 4 Suspension Kit may not have the tallest lift and ride height in the world, its awesome ICON shocks and high-quality lift springs allow your truck to tackle tough terrain and handle just about any job out there while delivering exceptional ride quality. The Stage 4 Package gives your Super Duty F250 or F350 4WD a nice increase in front ride height so that you can squeeze on properly-size off-road wheel and tire combinations while eliminating the factory rake and providing your truck with an enormous improvement in suspension performance and response. The Stage 4 Kit's suspension parts all bolt on right in place of stock and come with all their necessary hardware and instructions.

High-Quality Progressive-Rate 2.5" Lift Spring

The heart of ICON's suspension package and what provides your Super Duty with some extra front lift is it's specialized and high-quality front lift springs. ICON's springs drop right into place of stock and adds up to 2.5" of front lift to your truck. Each ICON front lift spring features a progressive spring rate that's been finely tuned to give your F250 or F350 an extremely smooth street ride while providing excellent levels of articulation and response when head off of the beaten path. ICON also throws in a pair of alignment cams with each set of springs that allow you to bring your truck's caster back to near-OEM specs after you've installed the springs to help avoid driveability and steering issues at your truck's new ride height.

Large-Diameter Piggy-Back Reservoir Front and Rear Shocks

Aggressive driving off-road road or at the job site pushes your Super Duty's stock shocks to the limit and generates a ton of fade-causing heat. That's why ICON includes a pair of 2.5 VS Series Piggy-Back Reservoir front and rear shocks with this awesome suspension package. The 2.5 Piggy-Back shocks offer up a massive reduction in fade, even under constant and aggressive articulation of your Super Duty's front Suspension. The Piggy-Back shocks have a large 2.5" diameter that allows for larger internal components than stock, as well as greater oil capacity. Oil capacity is further increased by with a Piggy-Back Reservoir that moves the oil away from the shock body to further improve cooling. The shocks easily handle the increased front ride height of your Super Duty brought on by it's front springs, all while providing your aggressive Super Duty build excellent levels of off-road performance.

Includes ICON Adjustable Track Bar and Dual Steering Stabilizers

Really throwing your aggressive Super Duty build around with an increased front ride height can make keeping your truck under control an "interesting" experience. That's why ICON includes one of their adjustable traction bars and a pair of steering stabilizers with this package. ICON's traction bar helps better locate your Super Duty's front axle and resists defection even under extreme loads so that you get more predictable handling both on and off the road. ICON's steering stabilizers help prevent "death wobble" and vague steering, especially when your truck is running around with larger wheel and tire combinations in aggressive off-road or towing applications. These high-quality steering stabilizers bolt right into your truck, making it easy to get improved control out of your Super Duty truck.


  • 2005-2016 F250/F350 4WD
  • Designed for diesel models only

ICON Block and U-Bolt Kit: Depending on your application or styling goals, you may want to grab ICON's 4" Rear Block and U-Bolts if you want to give your truck back some front-end rake.

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