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2018-2019 F150 & Raptor Power Stop Z36 Rear Brake Kit (with Electronic Parking Brake)

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Full Set of Pads and Rotors for your Truck's Rear Axle

Power Stop is one of the go to people when it comes to affordable braking performance upgrades, and their high-quality, powerful Z36 Truck & Tow rear brake kit for the 2018 to 2019 F150s or Raptors will give your tough truck a boost in stopping ability, reduced fade, and an overall increase in braking performance all geared to improve braking performance in towing and hauling applications. This overhaul of your F150's rear braking components comes with a full set of Z36 Truck & Tow carbon-ceramic brake pads and two drilled and slotted rotors that work together to help your big, heavy F150 truck come to a much quicker, safer stop. Power Stop's rear brake kit is especially effective when towing where the cross-drilled rotors' greatly reduced fade will help you keep better control and make braking to a complete stop much less of a guessing game. This kit will bolt on right in place of your factory pads and rotors and is 100% compatible with your truck's stock brake calipers.

Powerful Carbon-Ceramic Brake Pads for More Power and Less Fade

The brake pads included in this package are a full set of Power Stop's Z36 Truck and Tow Carbon Fiber-Ceramic pads that are the perfect choice for getting improved braking performance without an increase in noise, dust generation, or excess rotor wear. The Z36 pads are manufactured using a ceramic friction compound mixed with real carbon fiber that provides more bite and improved stopping power than traditional semi-metallic brake pads all being easy on your truck's rotors and your very own ears. The pads are carefully designed to maintain a high friction coefficient even under intense driving and braking and help keep fade down to a bare minimum. Power Stop's F150 rear brake kit comes with a full set of pads that drop right into place of your factory pads and won't negatively effect your truck's ABS, traction control, or towing control software.

Drilled and Slotted Rotors for Reduced Fade

The most impressive part of Power Stop's brake kit is the drilled and slotted rotors that are thrown into the mix and give your F150 or Raptor a tremendous boost in braking performance. Each rotor is a direct bolt-on replacement for stock feature a surface that's both cross-drilled and slotted to maximize overall performance gains. The cross-drilled holes lead right down into curved directional vanes and work together to greatly reduce heat buildup over stock for less fade even under extreme braking conditions. The rotors' slotted surface clears away brake dust and other debris away from the contact patch of the pads allowing for more consistent bite and power over stock blank rotors. Each rotor comes standard with a zinc dichromate finish for a great look and resistance against corrosion.

  • 2018-2019 Ford F150 4WD & 2WD with electronic parking brake
  • 2019 Ford Performance Raptor with electronic parking brake

Rotor Size: Factory rear 13.2" replacements.

Electronic Parking Brake Only: This brake kit will only fit trucks with an electronic parking brake. It will not fit F150s with a manual parking brake. Please verify your F150's parking brake before ordering. This kit will not fit 2015-2017 F150s or 2017-2018 Raptors.

Power Stop F150 Brake Rotors

Power Stop Extreme Bedding Note: The break in procedure is critical to brake performance. The reason for a proper break in is to establish an even layer of friction material deposited on the rotors from the brake pads. It is very important that this initial layer of friction material is evenly distributed. Break in the pads as follows: 5 moderate to aggressive stops from 40 mph down to 10 mph in rapid succession without letting the brakes cool and do not come to a complete stop. Then do 5 moderate stops from 35 mph to 5 mph in rapid succession without letting the brakes cool. You should expect to smell some resin as the brakes get hot. After this is complete, drive around for as long as possible without excessively heating the brakes and without coming to a complete stop (Try for about 5 minutes at moderate speed). This is the cooling stage. It allows the heated resin in the brake pads to cool and cure. After the brakes have cooled to standard operating temperature, you may use the brakes normally.

Power Stop Brake Pad Bedding

Power Stop Mustang GT Brake Rotors

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