[UPDATE]: The livestream has ended. You can view its archived video here.

We here at Stage 3 are doing our very first YouTube Livestream today as part of our inaugural live show 4Wheel Fridays, which we plan on doing on at least a semi-regular basis as long as the good members of the public enjoy them. Our first 4Wheel Friday's Livestream begins today at 12:30pm Pacific Standard Time over on our YouTube channel. This episode will cover some of the general history of Stage 3, some of the more eclectic vehicles Bill and Noah have owned, and some general Ford news. We plan on having Q&As and other formats in the future. Hit this link to go directly to the stream. We'll edit this blog post with an archived version of the stream once it's ended. Feel free to join the chat and comment or leave your thoughts in the blog comments below.

Stage 3's 4Wheel Friday Livestream!