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2017-2019 F250 & F350 Kicker VSS PowerStage Powered Subwoofer & Amp Kit PFSDC17

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Free Kicker Tabor Headphones with your SubStage Purchase!

  • Provides a huge improve in sound quality and volume
  • Features fully enclosed, amped subwoofer and additional door speaker amp
  • 8" subwoofer with a complete enclosure assembly
  • Two 200-watt amps for both the sub and door speakers
  • Installs with only minor amounts of wiring
  • Sub enclosure uses holes meant for the Sony/B&O System Sub
  • All necessary wiring and hardware are included

Total Audio Overhaul for 2017-2019 Super Dutys with Base Systems from Kicker

As per usual, the sound quality coming out of the 2017-2019 F250s or F350s with base audio isn't anything to write home about, but it's fairly hard to justify the extra cost of the Sony HD Premium Audio System or B&O Premium Sound System. That's where our friends over at Kicker Audio come in with their Vehicle Specific Solutions (VSS) PowerStage Kit. This total audio system overhaul for the 2015-2017 F150s SuperCrew and SuperCab trucks with base audio systems comes with an 8" Kicker Subwoofer powered by a 200-watt Kicker amplifier that are both encased in a bolt-in enclosure that installs in the holes usually reserved for the Sony System's subwoofer. The PowerStage Kit also includes an additional 200-watt Kicker amplifier for increasing the power, range, and sound quality of your truck's factory door speakers so you can completely change the way your truck plays your music in an amazing, new way. The amp and subwoofer enclosure is easy to install and the additional door speaker amp comes with all its necessary wiring to make the job as easy as possible.

Includes an 8" Subwoofer Powered by a 200-Watt Amp and an Additional 200-Watt Amp for your Door Speakers

The VSS PowerStage System for the 2017-2019 Super Dutys gives your truck with base audio excellent levels of bass with just enough extra door speaker power and range to make your listening experience that much more enjoyable. Giving your 2017-2019 Super Duty actual bass is a Kicker 8" subwoofer, which is 2" larger than the Sony subwoofer included in the premium audio package and comes preinstalled in a complete enclosure. The subwoofer is powered by an included 200-watt Kicker amplifier that's also installed within the enclosure assembly for a great look. The enclosure bolts in behind your F150's rear bench and uses the bolt holes that would usually be used for the optional Sony system's subwoofer so that you don't need to come up with your own custom mounting solution. The additional door speaker amplifier is also 200 watts and installs underneath your F150's driver-side dash with included hardware. The amp comes with wiring for tying into your truck's door speakers and factory head unit to help make the job that much easier. The subwoofer assembly includes wiring for running power out to your battery and for hooking into the rest of your 2017-2019 F250's or F350's audio system. The kit comes with detailed instructions for both mounting and wiring.

For Base Audio with MyFord Touch Only: This kit will only fit 2017-2019 F250s and F350s with base audio systems and will not work on 2017-2019 F250s and F350s with Sony Premium Audio Systems, B&O Premium Audio Systems, or on base XL trucks that do not have touchscreens. Call Stage 3 directly at 1-877-578-2433, if you need more information.

SuperCrew & SuperCab Only: This system will only fit 2017-2019 Super Dutys with a SuperCrew cab (Crew Cab) or SuperCab (Extended Cab).

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