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2003-2007 F250 & F350 6.0L Sinister Diesel Wrapped Up-Pipes SD-YPIPE-6.0-W

2003-2007 F250 & F350 6.0L Sinister Diesel Wrapped Up-Pipes
2003-2007 F250 & F350 6.0L Sinister Diesel Wrapped Up-Pipes
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Improves Flow to your 6.0L's Turbo while Preventing Leaks

In order to maximize your 6.0L Super Duty's performance and power output, your going to need a way to get exhaust gasses moving to your turbocharger's turbine housing quickly and with minimal back pressure and leaks. Sinister Diesel's complete off-road Up-Pipe Kit is a total overhaul of your 2003 to 2007 F250 or F350 6.0L's factory up-pipes and helps to greatly improve the flow of exhaust gasses from your Super Duty's manifolds to its turbocharger. These up-pipes don't just improve performance, they also improve reliability over stock thanks to their heavily revised design so that your Super Duty truck stays running strong for hundreds of thousands of miles. They also come standard in a heat-resistant thermal wrap that further improves performance and reliability. The up-pipes do not come with an EGR cooler port, and will require an EGR delete for proper operation.

Stainless Steel Construction with a Leak-Free Design

Sinister's complete 6.0L Powerstroke Up-Pipe Kit uses both a high-quality design and materials so that it never lets your aggressive truck down, no matter the application. The up-pipes are made out of high-quality stainless steel and use a double-slip flex joint instead of bellows which eliminates the chance of them leaking to ensure proper operation. The up-pipes fit your truck's factory turbocharger, as well as aftermarket replacement turbochargers that drop into place of the factory turbo. The up-pipes are fully TIG-welded and come standard with CNC machined flanges that practically guarantee a perfect fit onto your aggressive 6.0L truck. These up-pipes are for off-road racing use only.

Requires EGR Delete: these up-pipes do not come with a port for your EGR cooler and will only work and fit with an EGR delete kit.

This Product is not CARB-Approved

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