So, you've ordered the SCT tuner of your choice from Stage 3 Motorsports that includes powerful custom tunes from 5-Star Tuning. Now you're asking "Now what?" Like anything, there's a bit of a process to how you'll actually receive the performance PCM tunes for your truck, especially because your F150 either has a 3.5L EcoBoost V6 or an older 5.4L V8. While we can get you some awesome custom tunes for these trucks, there are some things that need to happen after you purchase your tuner of choice so that you receive everything you need and that we need to get your F150 running at its best.

What actually happens when you buy a tuner from Stage 3 Motorsports? A few things:

  • 1). The tuner of your choice will be sent out with one business day: whichever SCT tuning device you've purchased will be sent to you within one business day of your purchase. This tuner will not have any custom tunes loaded onto it. The only tuning on the device will be SCT's standard "canned" performance tunes which you should absolutely not load into your truck.
  • 2). An email will be sent to you requesting vehicle information: around the same time that your SCT tuning device ships, an email will be sent to you that asks for vehicle information like your truck's axle ratio, tire size, and PCM Strategy Code (more on this in a second). Your axle ratio is located on the sticker inside your driver's door.
  • F150 Driver's Door Sticker Information

  • 3). Use your tuning device to find your truck's strategy code: Ford made many revisions to the computer software inside the PCMs of the 3.5L EcoBoost and 5.4L V8 trucks over the years. Because of that, the PCM box code may not actually be your computer's true unlock code. To find it, you'll need to hook your tuning device to your truck after it arrives at your door and pull the computer's "hard coded" strategy code. The process is very similar across all of SCT's tuners, and we have the process for the Livewire TS embedded below:

  • 4). Fill out the information in our tuning email: Now that you have your strategy code, you can fill out the tune information email form that was emailed to you earlier. Please completely fill out the form. Do not leave any information blank or incomplete. After you've completed the tune form, please send it back to [email protected]. After we've received your tuning information, we'll forward it off to 5-Star Tuning so that they can build you custom tunes that take into account all of the pertinent information relating to your F150.
  • 5). Stage 3 will email your custom tunes directly to you: After 5-Star actually writes your tunes, we here at Stage 3 will email them to you. Once you receive the email with your custom tunes attached, you'll be able to download them to your home computer
  • 6). Download the latest SCT Software from SCT's Updater Page: to make sure your tunes are uploaded successfully you'll need to download the latest drivers and firmware for your tuner. Now, your tuner does come with a disc, however do not download any of the disc software to your computer. It's likely that software on your install disc is outdated, and you'll need the latest version directly from SCT's website.
  • 7). Use SCT's Device Updater Software to upload 5-Star's custom tunes to your tuner: Once your SCT software is all squared away, you can now use it to upload 5-Star's custom tune files to your SCT device of choice. Check out our video below for a quick how-to:

  • 8). Upload your 5-Star Custom Tune into your truck: Now that the tune is actually on your tuning device, all you need to do is upload the custom tune to your truck. Hook your device into OBD-II port of your vehicle and follow the on-screen instructions for custom tuning. Check out the videos below for custom tuning uploads on an SCT X-Cal 3 Tuner and SCT iTSX system:

If you haven't received a tune information email within a business day of your order, please check your spam or junk email boxes, especially if you use yahoo or Hotmail email addresses. Also check your junk email if you haven't received your tunes 48 hours after you've sent in your completed tune sheet.

How do I receive my Free Lifetime Tunes? You've probably heard about our Free Lifetime Tunes program, but how does it work? Well, when you purchase a tuner and 5-Star's Custom Tuning from Stage 3, you instantly qualify for our Lifetime Tunes Program, and you can now receive free retunes for the life your truck on tunable products you buy from Stage 3. So, if you purchase something that requires a retune, just send an email to [email protected] with "Free Lifetime Retune Invoice#" with the invoice number of the product that requires the retune. For example: "Free Lifetime Retune Invoice# 52775".


Steve Tibbetts

Date 7/1/2014

I have purchased a live wire ts last year thru a local dealer and I would like to get a couple more tunes. Rite now I have just 2 and would like something to really wake my truck up. what would be the best tune to get and how do I go about getting them thru you. I have had a real difficult time finding someone who actually knows what they are doing ! Please help me out !!


Date 7/1/2014

If you already have a Livewire, then all you would need to do is purchase our individual 5-Star tunes or a 5-Star Tune bundle for your truck. We'd then get your truck's information from you an build your tunes of choice. As far as the "best" tune, that really comes down to both the motor and your intended application. If you want to get more specific, you can always call us directly at 1-877-578-2433.

jeff meier

Date 7/26/2014

I could not get into my account. It would not let me reset password. pcm box code is AML5 ecu strategy is KGCP7C8. year 2012. model F150 XLT. Gears L6. Tire size stock. I live at 8500 feet and i would like more off the line and better mileage. Thanks Jeff


Date 8/27/2015

I loaded the 91 performance tune to my 2014 F150 ecoboost and did some test. I found the real speed is about 3 or 4 even 5KM/h higher than the speedometer shows. Please help me to correct the speedometer. Thanks!

Richard Latter

Date 12/6/2015

i purchaced a sct x4 and custom tunes, i have not yet received an email for the form to fill out!

Daniel Abel

Date 12/7/2015

Purchased the SCT X4 and custom tunes. The product arrived late and now I find no form to fill out for the tunes. I bought this tuner on 11-30-15 to get ready for a long road trip in which I will be towing a trailer set to leave out on 12-10-15. I need help with this issue please.

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