Whenever we get a chance to get out of the office for a therapeutic romp in the trucks, we like to really go all out. This time around, we wanted to set a new bar for ourselves. Our first stop on our trip to Utah found us in some rather uncharted territory - sand dunes. We're pretty darn accustomed to crawling through rocky trails and snow, but we'd be lying if we said we didn't break a sweat when we looked over the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. Regardless, we all made it back in one piece and, miraculously, with both trucks right-side up. Hit the jump for a full review of the trip - from preparation to parts reviews and of course, pictures of everything.

We asked you all where you'd want to see us bring our trucks, and Coral Pink State Park was by far the most popular choice. We couldn't be more excited to hit the dunes, but unfortunately that meant our bulky 2017 F250 would have to wait at the hotel while the lighter, narrower F150s had all the fun. No fear, our Super Duty would have its day, but for now it was time to air down our tires and get to play - I mean, work.

Park fees were more than reasonable. $8 per vehicle, $4 for Utah seniors and anyone over 62. Park rules are pretty simple - just don't do anything stupid. Common sense will get you a long way in the sand dunes, and anything you're not sure is safe and legal should be avoided at all costs. That being said, the speed limit is 20 mph in the park, 30 mph on country roads and 5 mph in the campground. No firearms or fireworks and fires are limited to specified locations. Now enough with that, on to the fun stuff.

There's something magical about sand dunes at dusk. For that reason, we waited until just before sunset to leave the hotel and head to Coral Pink. That gave us just enough daylight to rip around in the sand and when the sun went down, we snapped a few of our lighting setups in action.

The right tires will save the day when you're in the dunes. Thankfully, we never needed saving. Both project trucks were riding on roughly 33" Falken Widepeak M/T tires, which proved capable in helping our trucks maneuver through the soft sand, and both trucks had plenty of grip to roll out of ruts with ease.

Coral Pink Coral Pink Coral Pink

After thrashing the trucks around to our heart's content, the sun had just about gone to bed and it was time to take advantage of the moonlit environment. We're pretty satisfied with the nighttime shots we snagged, which you can scroll through at the bottom of this post.

The 2017 F150 was equipped with Caliber9's Upper Light Bar and a 20" OnX6 center light bar by Baja Designs. Our 2015 F150 build was rocking KC HiLites' Gravity Pro6 Combo LED Light Bar and quad KC HiLites' 6" Pro Sport G6 Gravity Off-Road LED Lights. Needless to say, we came prepared. The amount of light these bad boys pump out is mind-blowing, and while we did our best to do justice in the pictures, it's really something else seeing it in person.

Overall, we were impressed with how well our trucks performed in the dunes. No one got stuck and no one rolled, so we're happy. Coral Pink is great for trucks, but if you really want an adventure take an ATV or UTV and camp out through the night.

If you're planning a trip to Coral Pink, remember the aforementioned rules and if you're so inclined, go here and scroll down for a complete list of park rules. Also be sure to watch out for deer in the mountainous surrounding areas. Seriously, we spotted one just about every mile.

Finally, comment below and let us know if you've been to Coral Pink or plan to visit soon. We had an awesome time and we'd love to hear your stories! Also let us know if there's anywhere else you'd want to see Stage 3 - we're always looking for suggestions.

Highlights of the Coral Pink Trip