Last month we kicked off our off-roading excursion in Utah with a quick stop by Hog Canyon Trail. The challenging, sandy climb out of Hog Canyon proved well worth the effort, revealing breath-taking views and letting our trucks really flex. Read on for details, pictures, and tips for success!

Access to Hog Canyon is quick and easy from the main road, and soon enough we were ripping around a spacious open lot topped with red clay colored sand. After we stretched our legs, we took the lighter, narrower F150s up a steep slope with its share of sand while the F250 took the easy way around. Thanks to a stretch of flat terrain leading back to the trail, we were able to quench our need for speed before the big climb.

The path leading up to the mountain is varied, letting us breathe during straight, wide trails before taking on the narrow, twisting passageways. There were areas with thick layers of loose sand as well as rocky, sloping sections - needless to say, we were thankful for 4WD.

The sand really begins to build up toward the end of the trail, approaching the mountain. If you're thinking about taking a trip to Hog Canyon, come prepared. ATVs are ideal here, but if you're taking a pickup be sure it's got a winch, a spare tire, and of course a 4WD drivetrain. Most importantly though, stay vigilant and enjoy an abundance of scenic views.

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