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Stage 3's 2007 F150 SuperCab XLT 4WD Project Truck

This is the truck that has replaced our dearly-departed 2012 F150 3.7L. While the 3.7L V6 was actually pretty impressive, it was put into a 2WD drivetrain with an open differential and 3.15 gears. Needless to say, it just wasn't quite up to some of the tasks that we have in mind for the vehicles we own here at Stage 3 Motorsports. 4WD is pretty much a must-have for us, so we went in search of something with the proper drivetrain and just as much grunt. This 2007 F150 is pretty much bone stock at the moment, but you can fully expect that it's going to go through one heck of a transformation once we get all the hardware that we can for it. Check back to this page fairly often, because big things are certainly brewing.

2007 5.4L Project Truck Bone Stock 2007 5.4L Project Truck Bone Stock 2007 5.4L Project Truck Bone Stock 2007 5.4L Project Truck Bone Stock 2007 5.4L Project Truck Bone Stock 2007 5.4L Project Truck Bone Stock 2007 5.4L Project Truck Bone Stock 2007 5.4L Project Truck Bone Stock

Project Build Step One

Nailing Down the Look

2004-2008 F150 SmittyBilt M1 Grille We like different here at Stage 3 Motorsports, so our plan for this truck was to give it a nice, ostentatious styling theme that would catch some serious attention wherever it happened to go. To that end, we decided to go for a "Halloween" look with a black on orange styling theme. We grabbed up a ton of black styling components and then threw on some orange Stage 3 banners and other orange styling pieces. Needless to say, this truck definitely pops! Read all about it right here.

Project Build Step One

Lift Kit, Wheels, and Tires

Now, we couldn't live with ourselves if we allowed this pretty sweet truck to roll around at factory ride height, and we're the kind of people that go big or go home. We grabbed ourselves a Zone 6" Lift Kit, some Fuel Wheels, and some Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 35x12.50" tires. While our truck was looking pretty good before, it's now outright aggressive with its new stance, big wheels, and massive tires. Click here to see some more information!

Stage 3's Project Truck Build Step 3

Off-Road Lighting and Cargo Management

Stage 3's Project Truck Build Step 3 With our 2007 F150 5.4L looking pretty awesome, it was time to stack on the upgrades to make it more capable. You see, we here at Stage 3 tend to do a little bit of everything with our trucks, so getting it some serious off-road lighting and towing upgrades so that we can take it anywhere and bring just about anything we needed with us. So, we grabbed ourselves a ton of off-road lighting components from Rigid Industries, as well as a tow mirrors and TruXedo Tonneau cover with cargo tie-downs. You can read all about it here.
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