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A Breakdown of 5-Star's Custom Tune Offerings

In general, when you order an X4, SCT Livewire TS+, or other SCT tuning device that comes with 5-Star custom tunes, you'll get a choice of up to 5 custom tunes to choose from based on both tune style and octane level, giving you a ton of different options for custom tuning your F150 of choice. While 5-Star's tune options do vary a bit from model year and engine options, the breakdown more-or-less works as follows:
  • Performance & Race Tunes: these tunes jump up the horsepower and torque of your truck by a significant margin and feature extremely fast and firm shifting that keeps your engine well within its power band. However, that firm shifting comes at the price of some drivability and doesn't make for the most comfortable daily drive.
  • Performance/Tow & Tow Tunes: 5-Star's Performance/Tow and Tow tunes are their bread and butter, and help your truck generate excellent levels of horsepower and torque while adjusting shifting to keep your truck in its power band. These tunes are excellent for both towing applications and the daily grind. While shifting is firmer than stock, it's not anywhere near as jarring as 5-Star's Performance and Race Tunes.
  • Economy Tunes: 5-Star's Economy Tunes are designed for city living. The fuel economy of F150s suffers the most in bumper-to-bumper and stop-and-go traffic in urban areas. 5-Star's economy tunes try to win back some city MPGs by keeping your truck in lower rpm ranges and keeping the EcoBoost F150s from generating a ton of boost pressure. While 5-Star's Economy tunes will get you some city economy back, they can actually hurt highway fuel economy, making them have a very specific function. If you want some extra highway fuel economy or economy for rural areas, stick with 5-Star's Performance/Tow tunes.
  • Transmission Tunes: 5-Star's Transmission Tunes are designed to keep your truck near its factory power levels, all adjusting transmission function for improved drivability. The Transmission tunes will give you truck faster, firmer shifting and force your truck to hold gears longer to improve pulling and passing, making them similar to 5-Star's Performance/Tow tunes, just without the power gains.
All of these tunes are available in several different octane levels to best fit your needs. We generally recommend getting at least one tune for a lower or more common octane than the highest available in your area, just in case you travel somewhere else that only offers a more basic fuel octane selection.
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