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Stage 3's F150 Custom Tuning Process

Once you choose your tunes and order them on your choice of SCT tuning device, you'll begin our tuning process. While none of the steps are overly difficult, there are a few things that need to happen before you receive your chosen custom tunes from 5-Star.
  1. After you order your SCT device, you'll actually be sent a "blank" tuning device without any custom tunes on it. While it will have SCT's pre-loaded tunes, you'll actually need the tuning device in order to look up some key information about your truck's ECU that we'll need to conduct your tuning.
  2. Once you receive your device, you'll need to take it out to your truck, hook it up to your F150's OBD-II port, and navigate to the "Vehicle Info" screen. You'll need to write down your truck's "ECU Strategy Code" , and if you have a 2.7L EcoBoost F150, you'll also need its "SWPN#".
  3. With your ECU Strategy Code (and SWPN# for the 2.7L EcoBoost folks), head over to our F150 Tune Form Page, and fill out all of the information we require about your truck. Then hit submit.
  4. The information on your form will be sent to both Stage 3 and 5-Star, and 5-Star will being creating your custom tunes based on your truck's information and your modifications. In general, it takes 5-Star one to two business days to create your tunes once your information has been submitted.
  5. Once 5-Star creates your tunes, you'll be sent a link to our Google Drive Account where you'll be able to download your tunes as .cef files. Download them to somewhere accessible on your home PC.
  6. After your tunes are downloaded to your own personal computer, you can then load them onto your device using SCT's software, and then into your truck. If you're having issues with this step, check out our device troubleshooting help below.
With that, your tunes should be loaded into your truck. If you do have any issues with any of these steps, check below for your device's particular troubleshooting information and video guides on looking up your Strategy Code, getting tunes from your home PC, loading tunes to your truck, and some troubleshooting for common problems.

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