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Stage 3's Lifetime Tunes Program

We here at Stage 3 know that building up your F150 is a process, and it can result in several custom tune revisions down the road, depending on your modifications. We've worked together with our friends at 5-Star Tuning to put together our Lifetime Tunes Program which gets you free tunes for the life of your truck ownership on certain tunable performance parts and accessories that you've purchased from Stage 3 Motorsports. All you need to do is purchase a 5-Star custom tuned tuning device of your choice to qualify for the program. As long as you purchase your parts from Stage 3 Motorsports, we'll re-tune for those parts and accessories at no cost to you!

Lifetime Tunes Apply to the Following:

The Fine Print:

Our Lifetime Tunes apply to any 5-Star Custom Tuned SCT X4, SCT Livewire, SCT iTSX Tuning device, and you're instantly enrolled after you purchase your tuner of choice. Our Lifetime Tunes program lasts for the life of your truck ownership. If you purchase another vehicle, you'll need to purchase new tunes in order to re-qualify for our Lifetime Tunes Program.

Please keep in mind, our F150 Lifetime Tunes only apply to parts purchased from Stage 3 Motorsports. We will not offer free re-tunes on parts purchased from other retailers.

Even though we try to give you folks as many options as possible when it comes to modifying your F150, there are certain parts and accessories that we can not offer custom tuning for at this time. Here's a partial list:

Prices for Retunes on Parts Purchased Elsewhere

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