Ever wondered what your F250 or F350 is really capable of, even on a modest budget? You'd be surprised. Bolt-on power upgrades and tuning are both effective and affordable, but there are plenty more upgrades to choose from for 6.7L Powerstroke drivers on a budget. From simple bolt-on parts like intake kits and intercooler pipes to helper springs and shocks, we're here to prove that modding your 6.7L F250 doesn't need to break the bank. As part of our new 'Top Mods' blog series, we'll be taking a look at Stage 3's top 10 F250/F350 6.7L Powerstroke mods for folks working with a tighter budget.

The mighty 6.7L Powerstroke isn't exactly short on power, but we wouldn't be Ford drivers if we weren't constantly looking for ways to go faster. The Throttle Sensitivity Booster from BD Diesel is one of the easiest, most affordable methods of reducing some of the pedal lag you get from the turbocharged 6.7L V8. This basic plug-and-play throttle booster uses your factory connections and can be adjusted to provide different levels of throttle sensitivity.

There's a good reason cold air intakes are some of the most popular truck upgrades, period. They're easy to install, affordable, and guaranteed to add a nice little boost in horsepower and torque. And when it comes to Super Duty diesel intake kits, we've trusted the experts at S&B Filters for many years. Their latest offering for the 6.7L Powerstroke is a prime example of their experience in diesel intake kits and commitment to quality. These are available in dry and oiled filter configurations for all Super Duty diesel engines back to the 7.3L, including the 2011-2016 and 2017-2019 6.7L Powerstroke.

Right from the factory, your Super Duty comes sporting a nose-dive stance that isn't doing your exterior any favors. ReadyLIFT's 2.5" Leveling Kit is one of our most popular Super Duty suspension upgrades, probably because it corrects your truck's posture, maintains factory ride quality, and makes room for 35" tires at a very appealing price. Need I say anything else? If you have an older 6.7L, check out ReadyLIFT's leveling kits for those trucks right here.

A good sound system is really key to getting the most out of any driving experience, and fortunately Kicker makes it easy and affordable to swap out your F250 or F350's sub-par factory system with something brighter, clearer, and louder. These 6x8" speakers are designed to slip behind your factory speaker grilles without the need for cutting or drilling. Plus, at just $200 for the full set, this is a no-brainer upgrade for Super Duty drivers looking to enjoy their music with better clarity and depth.

The Ford Super Duty is a big, powerful truck, and bringing all that weight to a full stop safely requires a dependable braking setup. While the stock parts should get the job done in most daily driving situations, you'll want to upgrade your pads and rotors if you frequently tow or haul heavy loads. The good news is this Power Stop Truck & Tow Complete Brake Kit is designed specifically for trucks that haul and tow. It's a complete brake and rotor set for the front and rear of your F250 or F350, built to improve bite, reduce fade, and minimize rotor wear. Best news is you can have this performance braking setup for under $500.

The 6.7L Powerstroke diesel is a mechanical marvel, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its fair share of tweaks. One of those tweaks is the early (11-12) models' plastic composite oil pan that had a nasty penchant for leaking and marking its territory on your driveway. Luckily, the problem was mostly corrected after 2012 models, but even the current model engine oil pan isn't exactly top notch. Mag-Hytec's upgraded Engine Oil Pan features a larger oil capacity by 2 quarts as well as a finned design that helps dissipate heat more quickly.

The perfect pairing to the ReadyLIFT 2.5" leveling kit, Rancho's RS9000XL Series Front Shocks are an incredible value and a real performance upgrade. The RS9000XL allows for nine levels of compression adjustment, which is almost unheard of in its category. They're also durable enough to handle some pretty serious abuse off the pavement, built around a larger 2.75" body with a 18mm nitro-carb to help dissipate heat at an efficient rate. These shocks are perfect for the daily driver and light off-roader, and their extended length makes them perfect for F250s and F350s sitting on a 2.5" lift.

It's true that in stock form, your 6.7L Powerstroke's OE intercooler pipes are gonna do just fine. But engine modification is a slippery slope. One day it's a bolt-on intake kit, and the next it's aggressive custom tuning. If you're planning on pushing your 6.7L Powerstroke to its limits, or somewhere close, make sure to future-proof your intercooler system with this H&S Intercooler Pipe Upgrade Kit. This kit swaps out your factory pipes with high-strength 5-ply stainless reinforced silicone secured by a billet aluminum adapter for near limitless strength.

The 6.7L Powerstroke is a great engine for towing, but frequent towing can cause your suspension to sag and lead to premature wear, even if you're well shy of your GVWR or GCWR. To help minimize sway and sag, SumoSprings has their SumoSpring kits. Capable of holding varying levels of load, the SumoSpring helper spring systems consist of drop-in extended bump stops made out of specialized microcellular urethane material that give you the load support of a traditional air spring, but with a much better street ride and without the hassle of filling up the springs with air every time you load up your Super Duty or trailer.

Us F250 and F350 owners have long been jealous of the amber grille lights featured on stock F150 Raptors, and now finally we can get them on our trucks. At just $89, the style factor these amber grille lights bring to your Super Duty build's front end can't be understated. The way they peer through your grille at night looks downright sinister, and install as about as easy as it gets. Just make sure you get the right kit for your truck, as there's a separate part for Platinum models.

Got a suggestion for another budget-minded 6.7L upgrade? Leave it in the comments!