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2007-2014 Shelby GT500 Whipple 4.5L Supercharger Kit (Black)

Part Number:WK-2530TB
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Massive Whipple GT500 Supercharger Kit

Dumping up to 4.5L of air into your GT500's engine may sound like a bad idea, but our friends over at Whipple make it happen with this version of their awesome Twin-Screw supercharger system for the 2007 to 2014 GT500s. With a displacement larger than most engine's combustion chambers, this complete supercharger kit is capable of pushing your Shelby to absolutely insane levels of horsepower and torque. This 4.5L Whipple GT500 supercharger is so powerful, that we strongly recommend only using this kit on a built motor with a significantly improved fuel system over stock to support the massive increase in inbound airflow. This system is Whipple's current "Top-Dog" system that pushes your GT500 to the absolute limits of its performance and is guaranteed to transform your Shelby into a brutal monstrosity that can dominate the track.

Powerful and Efficient Twin-Screw Design

Like all of Whipple's extremely powerful supercharger systems, the 4.5L GT500 kit features a Lysholm Twin-Screw rotor design that actively compresses air before pushing it into your engine to provide improved efficiency and power. The advanced design and massive case volume are both paired to a 5" supercharger pulley that helps this kit deliver up to 20psi of peak boost pressure to produce tire-shredding power and torque. This 4.5L Whipple kit drops right into place of your factory supercharger head unit. After upgrading your engine internals, fuel system, and getting some dyno tuning, the blower kit is ready to run.

Reliable and Quiet Design

Whipple's supercharger kit features a high-quality design, Black Satin Finish, and engineering that makes it one of the most powerful and reliable supercharger head units on the market. This kit comes standard with self-lubricated bearings, high-flow rotor coatings, and a modular component design that all work together to keep your Whipple supercharger functioning perfectly. The supercharger comes with its own oil reservoir with a clear oil sight glass. The supercharger's oil only needs to be changed every 100,000 miles, depending on application.

Engine Lowering Required: This kit will require an engine lowering kit, lowered K-member, and/or a cowl hood from proper clearance.

Built engine recommended: Both Whipple and we here at Stage 3 only recommend using this kit on an engine with fully-forged internals and extensive fuel system upgrades.

Custom PCM Tuning Required: With all of that extra power, custom PCM tuning is required to avoid damage to your engine. Contact us directly at 1-877-578-2433 for information about our custom tuning as well as our lifetime loyalty rewards program.

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