Ready or not, it's that time of year. Holiday music is the inescapable soundtrack of our lives for the next month-or-so, and we're all scrambling to figure out what to get for our loved ones. No fear - Stage 3 has your back. If you're looking for that one thing to light up their eyes, we're giving you a quick run-down of some of our most popular and universally adored items for the F150 owner in your life.

Under $100

Bilstein's 5100 Series Shocks are perfect for improving ride quality on any F150. These fairly basic replacement rear shocks are affordable, yet high-quality and dependable. These specialized shock absorbers will provide improved off-road performance and towing control for any hard-working F150.

Dollar for dollar, there are few upgrades as beneficial to your F150 EcoBoost's turbo sound as this Billet VTA Mod Plug. This super affordable mod improves your truck's blow off sound at a fraction of the cost of a full aftermarket blow off valve. It also doesn't hurt that you can install and uninstall the VTA mod plug in a matter of minutes.

No matter how you slice it, you can't go wrong with replacement LED bulbs by the experts over at Diode Dynamics. These high-powered LED bulbs are brighter, better looking and last longer than the factory bulbs. Also, you can pretty much put them anywhere. We offer replacement license plate, turn signal, and fog light upgrade bulbs to streamline the look of the truck with more advanced, dependable LED technology.

Not to toot our own horn, but our selection of personalized merchandise is stylish, high-quality and affordable. We make all sorts of clothing, accessories, decals and more to help you show off your Stage 3 pride.

Under $250

Morimoto's Fog Lights offer an easy, affordable way to improve safety and style in a drop-in package. While the F150's standard fog lights and halogen reflectors do their jobs, they aren't especially bright, and they won't last nearly as long as Morimoto's LED replacements.

You really can't go wrong with a set of ICON shocks. Aftermarket shocks, especially those by ICON, will dramatically improve any F150's ride, making it more comfortable and capable off-road, depending on the specific shocks. If your F150 owner is still riding on stock shocks, they won't believe the difference a pair of ICON shocks can make.

An aftermarket blow off valve, like the extremely popular Kompact BOV by Turbo Smart, will make any F150 sound stronger and perform better. The Kompact BOV installs directly in place of the existing blow off valve, making for a simple and easy upgrade sure to please your chosen F150 owner.

The 2015+ F150's base speaker system leaves a lot to be desired, especially if that special someone happens to be a sound enthusiast. Kicker's KS Series Speaker Upgrade offers up a huge improvement in range and volume without creating a ton of distortion at high volumes. Make sure to get this version if the truck is equipped with stock Sony speakers.

The Husky Liners Gear Box is perfect for the working F150. These convenient, durable tool boxes squeeze right under the truck's rear bench to allow for easy access to your gear without cluttering up your cabin.

Under $500

What good is a big, powerful truck if you can't tow anything? If you know anyone with an F150 and a trailer and they don't have a Weigh Safe hitch, they're missing out. Built from stainless steel and 6061 billet aluminum, it really doesn't get much tougher. You'll also be surprised to find out these things really won't break the bank.

Chances are, whoever's rolling around in an F150 is using their bed for something. Whether it's for work or play, that thing is bound to acquire a few dents if not equipped with BedRug's Bed Liner. These things are tough, easy to clean and easy to install, making for the perfect present for any F150 owner.

We installed Eibach's Complete Pro-Truck Sport Shock & Strut Kit on our 2017 F150 project truck, and it's easily one of our favorite upgrades we've made to the truck. The shocks in the kit offer up a marked improvement in handling both on and off the road and best of all, they won't break the bank.

Without going into too much detail, this high-quality catch can replacement will protect and extend the reliability of a variety of different parts and systems in the F150. If you want to protect your loved one's investment, this is the way to go.

It'll probably come as no surprise to learn that the vast majority of truck owners want more power. That's precisely why this SCT tuner with custom 5-star tunes is so popular for F150 owners. Basically, these things will make the truck dramatically quicker and allow the user to fine-tune performance to suit just about any application. If the product description looks a little daunting, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-578-2433 and we'll get you set up.

Cold air intakes might be the most popular first-time upgrades. They're easy to install, generally affordable and effective at increasing airflow to the engine and netting a little extra power. The aFe Power EcoBoost intakes are extremely popular, all but guaranteeing a happy F150 owner this holiday season.

An aftermarket exhaust system is a pretty big upgrade, but MBRP makes it surprisingly affordable. MBRP is known for their quality standards, and their kits are designed to improve exhaust flow, sound and power dependably. These kits will require a little more work and potentially a dedicated install shop, but the end result won't disappoint.

We hope we were able to help make your 2017 holiday season a little more jolly, or at least easier. Check out our 2017 Black Friday sales if you want to get a head start on your shopping list!