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iKamper Skycamp Wind Deflector A-WDT-0070

iKamper Skycamp Wind Deflector
iKamper Skycamp Wind Deflector
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iKamper Skycamp Wind Deflector Features:
  • Reduced wind resistance
  • Saves on gas
  • Attaches to rails on the bottom of Skycamp rooftop tents
  • Includes 4 bracket sets, 10 bolts (including 2 spares), and 10 nylon-threaded nuts (including 2 spares)
  • Wind Deflector Only

The iKamper Skycamp Wind Deflector Eliminates Wind Resistance on your Skycamp 2.0 or Mini

The iKamper Skycamp 2.0 or Mini adds extra mass to the roof of your vehicle. Having something on your roof has a tendency to increase the wind drag leading to your vehicle having to work harder. With the iKamper Skycamp Wind Deflector you will eliminate wind resistance. Doing this helps reduce the amount of gas your vehicle uses to propel forward leading to savings on gas overtime. Not only is this an investment into the increased functionality of the Skycamp rooftop tent, but it is investment into using less fuel. This addition to your Skycamp rooftop tent will pay dividends in the form of spending less money on gas when you hit the road for a camping trip.

Fuel Savings for Camping Trips

The iKamper Skycamp Wind Deflector works to deflect the wind upwards to reduce the drag that having a Skycamp rooftop tent adds. Doing this allows your vehicle to be less wind resistant when you are on your way to your campsite. You will use less fuel to get where you need to go. If you are looking for a way to save money on your camping trips with your Skycamp rooftop tent, this is a perfect, cost effective addition that will only increase in value overtime. It is a simple way to make your Skycamp rooftop tent more economical by making your camping setup more fuel efficient. You will be able to travel farther to the places you have always wanted to without having to worry about running out of gas too quick.

Fitment: Universal with vehicle equipped with Skycamp 2.0 or Mini

Wind Deflector Only, Does Not Include Skycamp 2.0 or Mini

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