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2010-2014 Taurus SHO EcoBoost ATP Twin Turbocharger Upgrade ATP-SHO-001

10-14 Taurus SHO EcoBoost ATP Twin Turbocharger Upgrade
10-14 Taurus SHO EcoBoost ATP Twin Turbocharger Upgrade
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Huge Power Capacity for your EcoBoost SHO

If you've pushed your Taurus SHO's EcoBoost V6 as far as it can go with all of the bolt-on parts in our inventory, then this turbocharger upgrade kit is your best bet to give your SHO the ability to push far beyond the factory turbocharger's horsepower and torque capacities and get the ability to stack on huge amounts of power with the proper tuning. This turbocharger upgrade package includes two new EcoBoost turbochargers that feature larger +2 Garrett Center Housing Rotating Assemblies (CHRAs) and machined compressor housings that allow them to push out much more air than stock and can get you up to 200 extra horsepower over stock with the right custom dyno tuning and fuel system upgrades.

Larger CHRA and Machined Turbo Housing

These complete turbochargers bolt right into your SHO and are compatible with your factory downpipes and turbo manifolds. The larger CHRA uses Garrett journal bearings toe ensure smooth and reliable operation even under extremely high boost applications. This pair of upgraded turbochargers are perfect option for 2010 to 2014 Taurus SHOs that need a replacement and want to gain some extra horsepower and torque while they're at it. These turbochargers reuse much of your stock hardware to make installation that much easier.

Turbine Size:

  • Wheel Inducer: 50mm
  • Wheel Exducer: 43.5mm
  • Range: New Series Garrett GT Journal Bearing

Compressor Size:

  • Wheel Inducer: 43.4mm
  • Wheel Exducer: 56mm
  • Range: New Series Garrett GT Journal Bearing

Custom Tuning Required: these turbochargers will require custom tuning for proper operation and to avoid engine damage.

5-Star Custom Tuning Note: while 5-Star can provide custom tuning for this kit, due to its power and potential issues, 5-Star will first send you a basic base file that will require datalogging before proper custom tunes can be made.

Core Charge: an $800.00 core charge will be applied to every turbo upgrade order which will be refunded once ATP receives your stock turbochargers. ATP does allow you to send your factory turbos ahead of your order. Call 623-434-5277 for details.

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