Though we typically focus on parts for your off-road vehicle, this time, we will point to some of the awesome new outdoor and off-road gear available here, at Stage 3. Whether you're concerned about your safety, the storage and security of your equipment, or the ability to prevent a disaster, we have you covered. No matter what adventures you might embark on with your off-road truck or SUV, these products are the perfect addition to keep you and your vehicle safe and in tip-top shape for the road ahead.

Outer Limit Supply First Aid Kits

Having access to first aid supplies wherever you go is a massive plus when hitting the trails, fishing, camping, or backpacking in the wilderness. We know you are going to take that sweet off-road machine you've been working on to some secluded places, so why not make sure you keep yourself safe with one of these Outer Limit Supply First Aid Kits? Outer Limit Supply offers several different options, such as the Outer Limit Supply Individual First Aid Kit Deployment Waist Bag, Outer Limit Supply Waterproof 6500 Series First Aid Kit, or Outer Limit Supply Individual First Aid Kit Backpack seen in the video, which all contain dressings, tools, medications, and general aid to ensure your wellbeing and survival in the event they are required. Each of the kits features different designs, color options, and utility for wherever the road leads.

Outer Limit Supply Individual First Aid Kit Backpack

Element Fire Prevention

Fires can break out while relaxing at camp, trolling the lake, or towing your boat down the highway. Make sure you are prepared for any fire, in any situation, with the fire prevention options from Element. In the video, we discuss the Element Fire E100 Fire Extinguisher which is Element's most popular model, but they also offer the Element Fire E50 Fire Extinguisher. Both models are compact and easy to use, leave zero mess or residue, are non-toxic and non-corrosive, and can be used on class A, B, C, and K fires. The E50 offers 50 seconds of use, while the E100 offers 100 seconds. Elements also offers a selection of mounts and brackets for use with the Element Fire Extinguishers.

Element Fire E100 Fire Extinguisher

Pelican Cases

Storing your important gear can be a hassle, whether the storage options aren't large enough or sturdy enough for aggressive off-road use, sometimes they just don't cut the mustard. The Pelican Cases are designed with the adventuring off-road enthusiast in mind. The Pelican cases are designed to be lockable, weather and corrosion-resistant, and easy to install. Pelican offers many different sizes and design options, such as the Pelican Dark Grey BX135 Cargo Case seen in the video, which features a massive interior volume of 3.44 cubic ft. or the Pelican Dark Grey BX50 Cargo Case that offers a smaller, 1.22 cubic ft. interior volume. Pelican also offers incredibly durable and impressive mounts that make securing your cases a breeze.

Pelican Dark Grey BX135 Cargo Case

Rapid Rope

You never know when the need for some nice, strong, reliable rope might arise while out on the trail, camping, fishing, or participating in any outdoor activity. The Rapid Rope rope canisters are designed as a compact, durable option to always having rope available in an easy to store size. The canister is shatterproof, weather-resistant, and small enough to fit in a cup holder. The rope is 120 ft. of flat-braided nylon, holding up to 1,100 lbs of weight. If you use up all the rope, Rapid Rope offers rope refills that easily fit into the Rapid Rope canister.

Rapid Rope 120ft White Rope Canister

Here, at Stage 3, we want to make sure your outdoor and off-road adventures are as awesome as possible. Not only do we want to ensure you have the best off-road vehicle, but we want to make sure you are equipped for whatever the road or mother nature might throw your way. These new products are what you need to keep your off-road excursions safe and secure in any situation. Have you picked up any of these new products? If so, we would love to hear from you in the comments!

New Outdoor & Off-Road Products for April 2021

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