Just Added: Baja Designs Off-Road Lighting Kits for the 2023-2024 Super Duty
While the 2023-2024 Ford F250/F350 Super Duty comes equipped with impressive lighting components straight from the factory, true dominance over the night sky requires a step further. Enter Baja Designs' latest off-road lighting kits available at Stage 3 Motorsports. Whether you're navigating off-road trails after dark or just want your Super Duty to look as powerful as it performs, upgrading your lights with Baja Designs ensures you're not just meeting the standard, but setting it.

2023+ Super Duty Baja Designs A-Pillar Kits

The A-Pillar Lighting Kits by Baja Designs are a game-changer for Super Duty owners looking to enhance their field of vision. Positioned at the windshield's sides, these lights offer a broader and higher spread of light, illuminating the peripherals that traditional headlights can't reach. These are deal for spotting wildlife or obstacles on winding trails, making the A-Pillar kits not only improve safety but also add a rugged appeal to your truck, making it stand out both in functionality and style.

The XL Sport Kits are a popular choice among off-roaders as they come equipped with two pods producing 3,162 lumens each, offering a wide, adjustable field of view which is ideal for spotting trail hazards early. For those seeking even more power, the LP4 Kits step up the game with each light delivering an impressive 8,857 lumens and a driving/combo beam pattern for an optimal blend of distance and spread. Both kits feature easy installation, and allow for your choice of either a Toggle Switch or Upfitter Wiring Harness. The toggle switch harness provides a straightforward, manual control over your auxiliary lights with a simple on/off toggle, whereas an upfitter harness integrates with your vehicle's existing wiring and switches, allowing for more seamless and factory-like operation of your lights through your truck’s built-in controls.

2023+ Super Duty Baja Designs Fog Light Upgrades

Upgrading to Baja Designs Fog Lights takes your Super Duty's capability to cut through adverse weather to the next level. Available in both complete clear and clear/amber options, these lights are designed to penetrate through fog, rain, and dust effectively. The clear lights are great for general night driving, offering a clean, bright light, while the amber color temperature is preferable in foggy or dusty conditions due to their ability to reduce glare. These fog lights not only provide more visibility for nighttime adventures but also instill you with more confidence when your driving conditions become extreme.

A popular choice among off-road enthusiasts is the Squadron Sport Clear Fog Lights. These kits enhance front-end visibility with a total output of 11,164 lumens from four LED lights, combining two Squadron Sport and two SAE units with clear lenses. These lights not only pierce through adverse weather conditions but also complement your truck's tough exterior appeal. For those who demand the ultimate upgrade, the Amber SAE/Squadron Pro Dual Fog Pocket Light Kits output an impressive 13,030 lumens, blending clear and amber lenses to optimize overall visibility. Both options feature simple installation, heavy-duty mounting brackets, and are fully compliant with on-road regulations, making them excellent upgrades for any serious adventurer.

2023+ Super Duty Baja Designs Bumper Lights

For those who mean serious business when it comes to off-road driving, Baja Designs' Bumper Light Kits are essential. These powerful squadron lights linked together seamlessly integrate into the Super Duty’s front bumper, providing intense illumination for the road ahead. Perfect for dark trails or desolate roads, these lights ensure that every journey is as clear as day. Additionally, their robust and sleek design complements the already aggressive look of your Super Duty, ensuring that your truck looks as powerful as it performs.

Baja Designs offers a single Bumper Light Kit for the 2023-2024 Ford F-250/F350 Super Duty, available with either a Toggle Harness or an Upfitter Harness. This kit combines seven Baja Squadron lights that are linked together and mount directly to the truck’s front-end, providing an astounding 22,134 lumens of light. Ideal for both widespread and targeted illumination, the setup allows for 45 degrees of vertical pitch adjustment and individual horizontal alignment, ensuring optimal lighting coverage in every situation. Whether you're navigating treacherous trails or illuminating a work site, this bumper light kit gives you the ability to command the night sky wherever your adventures take you next.

2023+ Super Duty Baja Designs Reverse Lights

Enhancing visibility doesn’t stop at the front. Baja Designs' Reverse Lights offer significant improvements over the stock setup, providing clearer and broader lighting when maneuvering in reverse. This is particularly beneficial in pitch-dark settings where standard reverse lights might falter. Whether you’re backing up a trailer at night or simply need a better view in dark parking spaces, these lights provide the assurance and visibility needed to complete the task safely and efficiently.

The Baja Designs S2 Sport Dual Reverse Light Kits offer a significant upgrade to the rear-end illumination of your Ford F-250/F350 Super Duty, allowing for more visibility when backing up in low-light conditions. This kit includes two high-performance S2 Sport LED lights, each producing a robust 1,581 raw lumens, housed in durable casings. Beyond serving as reverse lights, they also function effectively as dust lights under adverse weather conditions, further improving your rear-end visibility. Available with three different wiring harness options— Toggle Switch, Upfitter, and Trailer Hitch—each version facilitates straightforward installation and integrates seamlessly with your Super Duty's existing systems. Whether backing into a dark campsite or managing trailer hookups at night, these lights provide the brightness and reliability needed to handle any task.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are LED headlights standard on 2023+ Super Duty?

Yes, LED headlights come standard on the 2023 Ford Super Duty, providing excellent visibility and a modern look straight from the factory.

Which is better: clear or amber fog lights?

The choice between clear or amber fog lights depends on the conditions you drive in. Clear lights are ideal for general visibility and night driving, while amber lights are superior in foggy or dusty conditions because they minimize glare and improve contrast.

Can you use off-road lights on the street?

Off-road lights, due to their intensity and beam pattern, are not legal for street use in many areas. They are specifically designed for off-road conditions and using them on public roads can blind other drivers. It's important to check local regulations and use these lights responsibly.

What is the difference between a Toggle Switch and Upfitter Wiring Harness?

The difference between a Toggle Switch and an Upfitter Wiring Harness lies in their installation and control mechanisms. A Toggle Switch harness includes a simple manual switch that allows you to turn the lights on and off independently of the vehicle’s existing electrical systems. This setup is straightforward and ideal for those who prefer a separate control system. On the other hand, an Upfitter Wiring Harness integrates directly with your vehicle’s factory wiring and dashboard controls, offering a seamless and professional installation. This type of harness enables you to operate the lights through the vehicle’s built-in switches, maintaining the integrity and aesthetics of the original electrical setup.


The 2023-2024 Ford Super Duty is an impressive machine right out of the factory, but for those who demand maximum performance and safety while commanding the night skies, Baja Designs lighting kits from Stage 3 Motorsports are the definitive choice. By upgrading to these specialized lighting solutions, you not only enhance your truck's capabilities but also its aesthetics, making your Super Duty truly exceptional.

2023-2024 Super Duty Baja Designs Off-Road Light Upgrades

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